Fake anti-virus software ported from PC to Android platform

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There used to be a female graduate student who clicked on a phishing link. Then the real-time anti-virus screen, followed by the results of anti-virus, ran out of more than 10 viruses, recorded the specific location of the infected computer, and prompted her to update antivirus software, and she paid 2000 yuan after receiving "antivirus software." As a result, instead of anti-virus, but let the computer poisoning, not only cheated card consumption, but also stole personal data.

Over the past few years, fake anti-virus software that has been prevalent on computers has been ported to Android platforms.

Early April 2014. Android's malicious and risky App has broken through the 2 million mark, not far from the 3 million mark predicted by Trend Micro. In fact, in the first three months of 2014, we found 500,000 new Android malicious and risky apps around the world. As we continue to raise the protection of such threats, we see a new threat from the PC to the Android platform: a fake anti-virus software called Virus Shield Fakeav appeared on the Google Play store.

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Virusshield first appeared on the Google Play store on March 28 and sold for $3.99. According to our survey, the number of people who purchase and download more than 10,000, and this malware in a week to board the first sales chart. Although the program was posted on April 6 by Google Play, it is still circulating on the internet, and gangsters are likely to be on the shelves of other online stores or sold directly (this is the most popular attack outside the United States).

This type of app highlights the important features of the Trend Micro mobile app reputation Evaluation Service. In addition to the legacy static analysis, services such as mobile app reputation evaluation are now using an advanced dynamic analytics environment to discover such bogus applications.

Trend Micro mobile App The dynamic analysis of services such as reputation evaluation will simulate a mobile device and operating system in a sandbox virtual environment to observe the actual behavior of the mobile app (see). This sandbox environment may provide real 3G and GPS signals to mobile apps. We analyze the actual behavior of the app in this sandbox. Then give a credit rating.

Then, the credit score is integrated with our static analysis results. To provide you with the most reliable, the most complete reputation evaluation and so on.

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Because services such as Trend Micro mobile app reputation evaluation are based on the cloud, the global provider of products or service providers can provide APIs to integrate with third-party integrated REST (representational state transfer) HTTP communication protocols (also known as RESTful APIs) through general site services. This allows us to open up advanced mobile security features to a variety of products or services. It also includes Trend Micro mobile security protection used by general consumers and corporate customers. That's why Trend Micro's mobile security products have been able to assess the highest scores in mobile security products Av-test March (note: three consecutive times).

While fake anti-virus software on Android is only going to make you lose some of your money, Android will sooner or later have a more sinister threat of fake anti-virus software. As the platform becomes more threatening and growing faster, you need not only a set of protection software, but also a set of protection that can respond to threat trend evolution at any time.

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Fake anti-virus software ported from PC to Android platform

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