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Fall Maple Loven Tracking and finishing the Zac in billion Power SEO interview, in this share with you:

  SEO Question one:

Little brother has three questions to ask Brother

One, micro-blog marketing has no impact on Baidu?

Second, the role of 301 steering is what, if the site is K, and then 301 to turn, is not Baidu will be reproduced site?

When does the Chinese version of the elder brother come out? Wow, is the title up?

 Zac Answer:

1 There is a positive impact on some of my observations. And aside from SEO, social Network marketing is a big trend, where people, marketing will have to be.

2) 301 steering is to transfer weight. But Baidu reacted very slowly to 301. Even normal 301 reaction is very slow, by K after 301 I doubt the effect.

3 It's estimated to be 2-3 months. There are old chapters to be sorted out. The title may be called The Art of SEO.

  SEO question two:

Ah, it's Zac. I also ask a question;

1, through the press in some news media, manuscripts with the need to optimize the domain name of the site, but there is no link, so that the surface does not see the reverse link can improve the weight of the site it? Is there any case that can prove to be effective?

 Zac Answer:

How much can improve the weight, although not as much as the real link to the role. But for a moment can not think of a specific case, think up and back to edit Add.

 SEO question three:

1, Baidu has the weight, if there is, how to calculate?

2, do outside the chain know to be related, then PR and snapshot cycle, which is preferred.?

3, why some of the home page is flash, ranking is still very close to the front?

4, Enterprise Site Products Limited, how to do content optimization, add which columns to help attract spiders?

5, the Enterprise station Update frequency how to grasp?

6, there are all kinds of mass tools on the market, do you think it is desirable?

7, how to explore the value of SEO resources, such as tools, outside the chain and so on?

8, outbound links will reduce the weight of this site?

9, what are the analysis tools after the keyword is set up?

10, how to analyze the effect of the current keyword conversion rate?

11, the key to optimize the page, it is best to take a single page out of the analysis.

12, the individual asks for a point stone invitation code, hehe.

 Zac Answer:

1 Any search engine will calculate the page weight, the main factor is the reverse link, domain name history, website size, content originality and so on.

2) are not the main factors. The main thing is to search for keywords, link page row where.

3) Link

4 Any product can develop thousands of content, from the principle to the raw material, from the process to the use, from the award to the product testimony, too much, as long as you divergent thinking.

5) Depending on the type of enterprise. It doesn't matter if some types are not too updated, such as heavy machinery or something.

6 look at your ability to withstand risk. Do not be afraid to be k of the words to use, afraid of the words do not touch.

7 Tool section, you can see the SEO actual Combat password Tool chapter. Outside the chain, the first is creative ability, the second is the network, these two have no words, and then consider the manpower.

8) not. Unless linked to the site being punished.

9 51la, Baidu Analysis, Google analytics, etc.

10 flow analysis software can set the conversion target, will automatically calculate the conversion rate. The key is how to define transformation. such as the completion of a purchase, registration account and so on.

One) Title,h1,alt text, the body of the natural occurrence of keywords, the text of the small title, on the line.

12 Point Stone No invitation code.

SEO question four:

1. What is the difference between domestic optimization and international optimization?

2. What are the methods for international promotion?

I am a foreign trade. Hey

  Zac Answer:

1 In fact, there is no essential difference, nothing more than those methods, SEO, mail marketing, Twitter/facebook marketing, PPC, display ads, affiliate marketing and so on. The key difference is to understand the local culture and not to speculate in Chinese thinking. For example in the domestic due to plagiarism reproduced the problem, we are too lazy to write original blog, useless, but in Europe and the United States environment, plagiarism or something is relatively small, the real original and interesting things will be noticed.

Another example, the foreign bubble forum is relatively few, to send rubbish there is no use. But it's a lot of Facebook.

2) See above.

  SEO question five:

Bought his "Network Marketing real password", wrote very well, but the individual is more disgusted with email marketing, so the chapter skipped.

Take this opportunity to ask Shing:

How to increase the click-through and friendliness of email?

 Zac Answer:

First of all, only licensed email marketing is the kind of email marketing, and it's not a good idea to collect and then send spam messages.

When used properly, the conversion rate of mail marketing is very high.

Message headers should be unified and consistent so that users can remember who they are.

The title is very important to the writing, to attract users to stop, must be opened to see.

Don't send emails too often. It can not be too long to send a time, or else people forget who you are.

Do not send irrelevant content, even if the product advertising, also have to send the user-related.

If possible, dig into the data and send personal emails. For example, the user bought diapers, give him milk powder ads. When a user buys a flower, he sends him a ring ad. Such.

 SEO question six:

1. Where is the most important place for SEO?

2, how to carry out the evaluation of SEO?

3, for people who do not understand the code, how can quickly enter the SEO?

4. What is the future of this career for SEO?

Zac Answer:

1 does not have a sword sealed throat place, keyword research and layout, Web site architecture, page basic optimization, high-quality content, external links, traffic analysis, which can not be ignored. If you have to say a core, it can only be said to provide the best content to the user. But at present, because the search engine technology limitations, can not be crawled crawl, the content is no good, so this is ideal, perhaps later will be realized.

2 The most important is the search flow change, with the number of external links, included number, ranking, conversion rate, the number of long tail words and so on.

3 do not need to understand the procedure, of course, understand better. But at least understand the HTML, this does not understand the words, do not rush to do SEO.

4 5 years to find work worry-free, 5-10 years may not be called this name, but the basic website optimization knowledge is universal, we will follow this specification.

 SEO question seven:

1, Zhangxuyue + Zhengzhou Peak Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

2, the company's main business: crushing machine and other mining machinery and wear-resistant parts (with patented technology and research and development strength)

Zac is a lot do SEO practitioners in the eyes of the idol, I am also, your SEO strategy is very combat, focus on the experiment, rather than a socket, and ZAC online communication so that our honor, thank Zac, thank billion states!


First, the mechanical industry to do network marketing the earliest, most widely used is SEO, but also for the machinery industry to bring great benefits, but with the intensification of competition, SEO and bidding costs are improving, please Zac: Competitive industry to carry out SEO have what good advice (strategic level)? For example: LED, crusher this category.

Second, the machinery industry to do foreign trade enterprises more and more, we are also developing, targeted at foreign search engines, especially Google, to improve the ranking of the more effective methods have?

Third, the integration of foreign trade market marketing What do you suggest? What do you think are more effective methods?

Iv. What are your suggestions for marketing new media such as Facbook and Twitter? What are the effects of these for SEO and how to use them effectively?

 Zac Answer:

The competitive industry can not be limited to the adjustment of page keywords, site architecture, and so on, the effect is limited, and everyone will. There are a few things to consider. One is how large-scale, such as the construction of external links, by artificial to find a way to the volume, such as the development of online tools and so on. The second is to reserve resources, such as the acquisition of some dozens of, 100 sites. Third, the company's SEO culture and procedures, such as the public relations department did not consider SEO? If not, is it a waste?

2 raise a few old domain names (or buy, quietly). Outside the chain chain outside the link.

3 The machinery industry I do not understand, but the general consumer market, in addition to SEO and PPC, Mail marketing, affiliate Program marketing is currently more effective.

4 Facebook/twitter Marketing must focus on the attempt, because users are on top of the bubble. SEO has no direct impact on the current, but itself is a huge source of traffic. How to use effectively, we are groping, I recently also in the attempt, there is no good effect, traffic is there, but the conversion is very low, after the intention to share it.

 SEO question eight:

Wow, another big coffee!!!

Zac Teacher, ask a few questions:

We are on Taobao to do children's wear and baby supplies, recently found a better supplier, may be a lot of toys, but the other side hope we can have their own independent platform. We had a separate platform, but we had a very poor operation and didn't sell much money together. A friend told us that a small platform like ours, we have to do SEO well, we are now confused in a few questions:

1 for the website of the Business-to-consumer, is there any free way to allow traffic to some of our website?

2 We now have more than 600 items, but the category is not much. And these categories in Baidu has been a big platform to buy play, search everything to their place. In this case, what should we do? Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

 Zac Answer:

1 In addition to SEO, you can consider the creation of children's education, child intelligence and other related content, and then published in various forms, such as blogs (including their own website and other free blog platform), related forums or SNS sites, e-books, questions and answers to the Web site, even out of books and so on. We may be a bit of a rejection of pure business information, but how to educate children is a subject of great concern, I am very concerned about. Of course, these seem to be free, but in fact they all have to take time and energy, not free. I haven't noticed that there's a free promotion method.

2 first the site to do the basic optimization, such as the site structure, keyword layout, page optimization, and so on, and then put it there, to do the first answer in the matter, and so on site around is your content, ranking is going up.

Gu Juan-Sihai business boat-Overseas marketing overall solution

 SEO question nine:

Zac name, a few questions to ask you to answer:

1, the site has been built, but Baidu Crawler not to crawl the site of the reasons for what? Not enough outside the chain? Website is not friendly to search engine?

2, the purchase of web links need to pay attention to what problems? Quantity, quality How to check?

3, the Site keyword segmentation technology How to grasp the use of what tools to calculate?

4, now Baidu, Google each valued the site of what important factors?

 Zac Answer:

1) As long as there are some good outside the chain can be, do not have a lot, so do not climb often not outside the chain of problems, more likely to be the URL unfriendly, content is not original, domain name is too new is being tested and so on. In addition, climb and do not climb can not see whether included, to see the log.

2 The first thing to pay attention to is not to let people know in the purchase link. The second is to pay attention to speed, uniform, don't suddenly buy a bunch. As for quantity, quality, I feel that do not care too much, all kinds of quality, all kinds of sources are good, the quality of the low price is not to refuse.

3 participle is a search engine to consider things, not SEO considerations. I know a lot of seo think participle is very important, and even some people think that is cheats, in fact, I do not think. You have to optimize the keywords appear in the page on the line, why should consider participle it? For example, to optimize the "Sihai merchant Boat", some people began to study the search engine may be divided into "Sihai" and "Shang Zhou", or will be divided into "four", "Sea Merchant", "boat" and so on, the question is what to do? You can not on the page on the "Sihai Merchant Boat" This word, must appear several times "four", there is no "Sihai merchant Boat"? You're not? What about studying it? No matter how the search engine points, you still have to write "Sihai merchant Boat"? Of course, the example is a little simpler, but it means the same thing.

4 if can only say one, that is outside the chain.

 SEO Question 10:

Zac Teacher, ask a few questions:

1, just set up a new station, how to do seo layout?

2, the number of articles published every day there is no rule or limit? Search engine is not generally to the new station for a period of time, I am afraid of too much content, will be search engine k off, too little content and no traffic.

3, how to increase the weight of the site?

4. What are the effect analysis tools after setting the key words?

5, now Baidu, Google each valued the site of what important factors?

Zac Answer:

1 regardless of the old and new, website keywords are generally pyramid-shaped, the most difficult to put the first home (spire), secondary important also slightly easier to put the column page, tend to the long tail of the article/product page (base). Each page target keyword not many, 2-3 can. The keyword and page one by one correspond. A keyword does not use multiple pages to do.

2) Look at the current Web site size. If already is the big website, on-line thousands of tens of thousands of page is not big problem. If you are on page hundreds of, a tens of thousands of page on the line may cause concern.

3 Outside the chain, original content, find a sweet corn.

4,5) has answered before.

 SEO question 11:

A Small Business company

Do cleaning products, such as: blue bubble, clean toilet spirit Agent Net

Be ready to do domestic and foreign trade

Please zac a simple operation to explain how to use SEO to find an accurate user base

 Zac Answer:

Go to Baidu Index and GG keyword tool, look at the user in search what word, in search related word person is your user group.

 SEO Question 12:

Guangdong Dongguan Changan + (product to tea)

Main: All kinds of tea, tea sets

Ask the Honorable Zac several questions:

1.SEO need to have what kind of psychological quality?

2. How to select a number of keyword rankings?

3 How to make your article more quality?

4. How to improve the ranking of information to attract customers?

5. What content does forum blog post good?

6. What are the reasons for the Bad keyword rankings?

7. How to let the Web site by Baidu quickly included?

8. How to use micro-blog to do website promotion?

9. How to do optimization within the site optimization page?

10. Learning SEO to pay attention to what a few problems?

11. What are the taboos in the optimization of website rankings?

12. How do we solve the link problem of SEO?

13. Is it necessary to buy some links?

Xiao Xia here thanked!!!!!!!!

 Zac Answer:

This write a question several books to answer, such as "How to use micro-blog to do website promotion", Kai-Fu Lee is not written this book, not necessarily answer clearly.

Pick a few that you can answer.

1 This really did not consider, I encountered SEO what personality are there.

2 to spread the keywords to the entire site, pyramid-shaped distribution. Not a page to optimize a lot of keywords, also do not strictly keyword with multiple pages to optimize. There is another reply before you can refer to.

13 commercial relatively strong website and word, still have necessary, start fast, can control.

  SEO Question 13:

1. Google Content Farm The scope of this attack is to compare shopping websites, what are the current operations of such a site to effectively deal with the algorithm?

2, users click on any merchandise, there is a hint is jumping outbound page, the content of more than 95% of the page, the URL is different, what is the page to do SEO optimization to avoid being down right?

3, to click on the merchandise after the outbound link should be added nofollow attribute?

  Zac Answer:

1 First, can consider how to scale the introduction of UGC user generated content. Second, the site itself brand building. However, I have not seen a successful recovery of the site, so this should not be easy to deal with, may not be resolved later.

2 Do not let search engines include these pages.

3 The proposed use of script completely prohibit search engine tracking, but also statistics clicks.

 SEO Question 14:

Take this opportunity to ask you the following two questions:

1. What should the website structure pay attention to, what is a reasonable website structure?

2. There is a good opinion on the source of the content, especially in the context of a very large product relevance.

 Zac Answer:

1 the homepage, the column homepage, the final article page forms the tree shape structure.

Any page is not more than 4-5 clicks away from the homepage (on the normal website).

The website each page and the key word is one by one correspondence.

The same content appears multiple URLs, to avoid the problem of Web site normalization.

An appropriate cross link between the final article pages.

Clear navigation system, site map.

URL static, or at least not too many parameters, within 2-3.

2 to find ways to increase the content of users, looking for interns to rewrite the content at a lower cost, digging inside any of the company has not yet on-line data. In my opinion, original content is one of the biggest bottlenecks in SEO, and in addition to spending time is not a good solution. Who can produce high quality original content at low cost (except UGC), who will be rich, but I have not figured out a way, nor see anyone can solve.

SEO Question 15:

1, for Baidu included rarely how to solve?

2, Google Webmaster to display the invalid link How to deal with?

Zac Answer:

1 do not know the specific situation of the website, can only say a few general: content is original? is the website structure easy to crawl? Is the URL too many parameters? Does the page have a stack of keywords? Do you check the log file? Is there a few high quality outside the chain?

2 inside will show GG is where to find these links, point in to see. If the URL of your site is wrong, correct the right. If it is someone else's website connecting to the wrong URL, contact them to correct it, or do it yourself 301 turn to the correct one.

SEO question 16:

1 for Google rankings is very good Baidu down right no rankings (but the new article Baidu Second collection) can restore the station?

200 degrees for the site revision is how to treat?

 Zac Answer:

1 This possibility and situation is too much, no way to know or predict.

2 See what the so-called revision refers to. If it is said that design changes, such as changing a template and so on, can even do the HTML code has not changed, so there is no impact. If it is said that the content has changed, the URL has also changed (although I do not know why to do so, see a lot of people discuss this revision, my first reaction is not what impact, but, why should this change ah? I can't think of any reason why I must change this. ), if the domain name has been good, no suspicion of cheating, as the new station, the same as re-indexed, recalculate rankings. Volatility is unavoidable.

 SEO question 17:

Zac Hello, actually I am not responsible for SEO work in the company ... But I'm interested, I have 2 questions.

You should be very concerned about Google's news, know the previous period of time Google punishment, you buy the SEO outside the chain behavior how to see?

There is a relatively rookie problem, domain names and Web site content, which one for the search engine weight is higher? For example, a site with seo.com domain name and a blog about SEO, in other aspects of the difference is not obvious (but seo.com is not necessarily about SEO content of the site), Google search SEO directly, who will get a better ranking?

 Zac Answer:

1 buy links, as long as not too much, very good. Just buy it as an ad, it's nothing. It is often too much to be punished.

2 The content of the website is more important.

 SEO question 18:

Zac Hello, I have the following doubts:

I want to ask about the home page URL unification question, this is a asp.net to do the website, because of the historical reason, the website homepage existence various URLs, for example







Where A.com has been implemented through the Isapi_rewrite 301 jump to Www.a.com

Now I would like to ask other URLs with the form of a suffix can do 301 jump it? How can the program write?

In addition, home flash occupies a lot of space, basically little content, how to fill and will not affect the current layout?

  Zac Answer:

1 steering problem, I did not use Windows, from lamp experience, can do 301. But the website unified use www.a.com words, not necessarily have what problem, you check included see, these URLs are included, then consider doing 301

2 Flash problem, there is no content to do it, take off on the line.

  SEO question 19:

Zac Teacher:

What about the future of SEO industry?

SEO practitioners How do you propose career planning?

For now online site collection pseudo original plug-in and station group and other tools to replace SEO personnel, you dream of these tools to see?

 Zac Answer:

SEO as an industry will be how I do not know, it is hard to say. Search engine technology is perfect or everyone to do the site are in line with the basic SEO specifications, now the meaning of the SEO may be gone. But who knows if there will be such a day.

As SEO personnel, I think there is no need to worry about career and future, will not be eliminated. SEO process to learn the ideas and methods as applicable to other marketing channels. Network marketing, either way, have to study user groups, research user experience, traffic analysis, development content and so on, these SEO are concerned about.

Pure SEO in the commercial company is difficult to do CXO level, but network marketing or marketing can have vice president, director of the. SEO must remember that they are marketing/marketing staff.

Black Hat tools, no matter what others think, will certainly be used by someone. The law forbids and the beheading is done, not to mention this one. So I think this is not a reasonable thing, neither to persuade others not to use, also do not have to vigorously recommend, we choose.

  SEO question 20:

For a new station, the team operates, hair outside the chain of four people, the site existing page more than 4,000, now banned, immediately to the line, on the line, such as the station (the existing page of more than 4,000, and SEO Department has 4 people hair outside the chain), the number of daily outside the chain about how much to send? What should be paid attention to?

  Zac Answer:

What is the concept of "outgoing chain"?

Outside the chain is not sent out, is attracted to.

If you are talking about the forum, blog to go to the spam message, that one does not need.

 SEO question 21:

Zac Hello excuse me the forum signature also useful place?

Zac Answer:

There, though not quite.

  SEO question 22:

Zac Teacher Hello, I now have a station in hand. There are probably more than 5W of pure content information. If online. How many chains need to be done to collect this information.

  Zac Answer:

Good links, one or two on the line.

 SEO question 23:

SEO optimization is a comparative system of problems, I would like to ask Zac teacher, according to the weight of the effect size, list the most need to do what?

 Zac Answer:

Keywords/market Research-optimize site structure-Link building-traffic analysis-content Development-page optimization

 SEO Question 24:

Let me ask you a question ~ ~ Contact SEO two years, the basic things also know about, but also began to practice slowly, but the total feeling in a bottleneck stage, can not improve, or even a little less passionate, do not know whether the Boss Z has such

  Zac Answer:

I do not know whether you work in the company or do your own website. You can control the words, I suggest you put down the things at hand, do a new site, in new areas will encounter new problems, the old site will accumulate their own weight. Seo this thing, I feel no need to increase from 90 points to 95 points or even 100 points, there is time to do a new, or 60 points to the site to 90 points, than on a website to improve the cost of too much.

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