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========================================================== =   FAQs about PDF creation   ========================================================== =I told Ren zhenxiong at the verycd activity a few years ago that I would like to make a text to teach you how to make a PDF. Among them, the most important thing is to make PDF bookmarks. Now the Spring Festival in is almost over. If I think this text cannot be delayed, I decided to write it. However, I may not be able to write a textbook because it takes too much time. Therefore, I decided to write a FAQ. I want to write it as simple as possible. It is as simple as you do. -- But do you want to know the principles and processes? This document is just a FAQ. Before you start, let's first explain the text. Acrobat in the text below refers to Adobe Acrobat. It is an editing tool dedicated to PDF and has been released to Acrobat 8. The reader in the next article refers to the reader reading PDF files, which has no editing function and has been released to Reader 8. The software download mentioned in this article is listed at the end of the article. If you have any questions or questions about the use of this article, mail me: aim@263.net. Okay. Let's start. ========================================================== =   Part 1: Use PDF files   ========================================================== = Q1: How can I enable Acrobat Reader to open a specified page? ------------------Find the installation directory of reader, which is usually in the C:/program files/Adobe/acrobat <x.0>/reader directory. Replace <x.0> with the version number you have installed. Then you will find the program rd32.exe, which is the main program of reader. Run the following command to open it: Export rd32.exe/a "page = 110 = openactions" "C:/example.pdf" ------------ -- -------------------- -------------- (1) (2) (3) (4) the parameter (3) is a composite parameter that indicates the opening action and the number of pages (in this example, the page number is 110) specified during opening ). If you need to find more documents, you can search for a document named "Export openparameters.pdf" on the Internet. Parameter (4) is the name of the file you want to open. You can make a shortcut or call the command line in a program to open it. If you need it. Q2: how to open a specified page of PDF in IE? ------------------This is simpler than the previous question. You can specify the page number in the URL. For example: http://www.your _ web_site.com/your_filetings # page = 24 you want to use the same method in IE and Firefox. The premise is that you have installed their plug-ins while installing reader. -- You can also install these plug-ins separately. Q3: how to install the plug-in? ------------------In most cases, the plug-in has its own installer. If not, it should be a. extension. API files (maybe some attached files), you just need to copy these files to the following location: C: /program files/Adobe/acrobat <x.0>/Reader/plug_ins C:/program files/Adobe/acrobat <x.0>/acrobat/plug_ins Q4: how to remember where the last PDF file was opened? ------------------You need to install some plug-ins separately. Reader or Acrobat itself does not have this function. I have heard that Reader 8 already has this function, but it has not been tested. The placeholder plug-in remembers the location of the last opened PDF file. After installing this plug-in, open the PDF file and you will see a "use placehold" item in the "document" menu. Select it, so that the next time you open this file, the document will jump to the last reading position of this document. Note that you must select this option for each document that you want to save its last reading position (select once); otherwise, it does not work. Another tool is simpler, but it is written for Acrobat/reader 4.x. I have tested that it can still be used properly in the 7.x versions of the two software. This software is: --------------------------- favoritesr addin for readerfavorites addin for Acrobat ------------------------- you may not be able to find its download. -- It is really too old. However, after this article we will download it, and it is indeed extremely difficult to find it. It can define multiple bookmarks for your PDF. You can open it next time if needed. ========================================================== =   Part 2: Create a PDF file   ========================================================== =  Q1: How do I get a PDF file? ------------------There are a lot of software that can be used as PDF files, including some graphics software and some editing software. But the most authentic approach is to install acrobat. Of course, using Acrobat will be very troublesome. If you have other handy tools, you may also wish to use it. However, some operations (such as creating bookmarks) require acrobat. The basic method for making PDF files is "printing ". After acrobat is installed, it virtualizes a printer. You can print the document you are currently reading in any reader and then convert it into a PDF file. Q2: how do I create a PDF file from a superstar file? ------------------The reason for this is that there are too many superstar books, and I cannot bear the bad browser of superstar. So we need to install it into PDF. Superstar has three phases of document version. These three phases are inconsistent, and there are also differences in the method of making PDF files. The first phase is the version of superstar 3.6 or earlier. The reader of this version can be compatible with a type of extension. 001 ~. Xxx file. This is a very early super star format. The second phase is the version of superstar 3.6 or above and earlier than 3.9. Most of the hyperstar files read in these versions can be read normally. -- Including encrypted. The third stage is about the Super Star 3.9 and later. The reason for division is that these versions apply different tools. If you need ~. Xxx format document production Institute. pdf, you only have to install a super star 3.5x browser, then open these files, and then print the output into a PDF. If you need to create 3.6 ~ If you can read the superstar documentation in Version 3.9, you can use a tool named pdg2pic to help you make PDF without printing it in the superstar browser. Finally, if you need to make encrypted superstar documents (a special encryption format) that can only be read in browsers over 3.9 ), then you need to use a software named pizza for decryption before using pdg2pic to help you make PDF. For this reason, I have installed three superstar readers on my machine. You can find a software on the Internet to help you switch between different superstar reader versions. -- But this is not the main issue I will discuss here. . 001 ~. In this format, there is also a software program named "super star local Reader" for reading. This is a browser released by the super star official earlier and is very rare. You can use it to read but cannot print it. In most cases, you can use pdg2pic to convert a superstar document to an image. Then, you can use a software named freepic2pdf to generate these images into a PDF. This process is very convenient and fast. If you have set some parameters, the conversion from PDG to PDF is basically done by clicking 3 or 4. As a suggestion, you must remove the "add bookmarks to the end of the PDF file" option in "parameter settings" of pdg2pic. It will make your PDF have several more pages, which will obviously make the "bookmarking" work mentioned later more troublesome. Q3: How to Create a PDF file from a Word file? ------------------This is much more convenient than the superstar documentation. In Office 2007 or later versions, you can even directly save the file as a PDF file. In other versions, after you install acrobat, you will have an additional toolbar in word and press "output to PDF. After acrobat is installed, "convert to PDF" is displayed in the context menu of the. DOC file in resource manager ". You can also use the "print" function to output word or other files as PDF files at any time. Q4: how to merge multiple PDF files? ------------------In acrobat, choose "file"> "Create PDF"> "from multiple files" and study it carefully. Note that this function also combines bookmarks into a file. It is rare in other tools. Q5: how to separate PDF files? ------------------Open the PDF file in Acrobat and choose "document"> "extract page" from the menu ". You can extract different parts of a PDF file to obtain multiple PDF files. Q6: How do I obtain the correct part from a corrupted file? ------------------Sometimes, downloading PDF files is bad (the Creator's negligence ). As long as the PDF file can be opened, you may still have the opportunity to use the "split pdf" method. Why is it so troublesome? Because the producer may not separately release a new pdf, but will only scan the wrong page and release an image. However, it is unpleasant to save PDF files and images together. In addition, some PDF error pages are not lost or "screen", but are caused by Acrobat/reader errors. You may have to redo a PDF file. However, when a part of such a PDF file is intercepted using the "extract page" function, it may also cause acrobat errors. In this case, you can use the "print" function to output a PDF file. For example, a 300-page book, 35 ~ 56 pages are damaged. In addition, "page extraction" fails. Then you can print 1 ~ Page 34, and then print page 57 ~ Page 1. Then combine the printed books into one. Printing such PDF files in Acrobat may also fail. In this case, you can use the Foxit Reader tool to open a PDF file. "Foxit Reader" has the advantage of opening and printing PDF files: it ignores most errors and outputs pages as much as possible. However, there is still one last problem. When "Foxit Reader" outputs Chinese characters to the acrobat virtual printer in the Chinese environment, garbled characters may occasionally occur. In this case, you may need another software named "PDF-Xchange". It does not have this problem with virtual printers. -- But its viewer is very bad. ========================================================== =   Part 3: PDF bookmarks   ========================================================== =   Q1: Why bookmarks? ------------------I cannot convince myself to add a PDF book without bookmarks to my favorites. The bookmarks mentioned here refer to the tree-like bookmarks that appear in the left sidebar of Reader/acrobat. Ren zhenxiong was planning to send the books he scanned into the djuv format. I said, "There is no bookmarks ". Djuv has a bookmarking tool, but it is not easy to use, and there is no way to deal with the "multi-segment page number" in the book. -- Although the djuv format is indeed smaller. Later, Ren zhenxiong finally failed to send e-books in the djuv format, but because he was not able to properly process bookmarks and seek convenient use, he did not send e-books in the PDF Format again, it turns into an image. So I want to discuss in detail the issue of bookmarking. In this way, you will be more comfortable reading PDF e-books. Q2: how do I create a PDF with bookmarks in word? ------------------Before printing a PDF file in word, you have the opportunity to automatically generate a bookmark. Find the acrobt settings in the menu item added by Acrobat for word, and then select the name of the "style" or "format" you want to generate the bookmarks. Then the output will begin. However, this method requires you to specify the "outline level" for the style or format. The outline level will be used by the hierarchy of the booktree in PDF output. -- In the "format"> "section" of the word menu, you will find the outline level settings. My technical documents are always made into Word files first, and the style and format will be well processed. In this way, I can open the "document structure" in the "View" menu to display the structure of this file. The bookmarks of the PDF file output in this way will be exactly the same as the "document structure" here. Most of me use this method for PDF, So I save the effort of bookmarking. Q3: How to bookmark existing PDF e-books? ------------------With Acrobat, you can customize the bookmarks you want for PDF. Remember a shortcut key "Ctrl + B", which will bring great convenience to your work. Using the scroll wheel in the reading area on the Right of Acrobat makes it easy to flip pages. First, let's talk about the "multi-segment page number" issue in general e-books. You will find that before the beginning of the text, there will always be a cover, preface, guide, and directory, and there will always be several pages out. Traditionally, the page number in the directory always starts from the first page of the body. That is to say, the page number of the actual body is different from the page number before the body in two (or more) different segments. In this case, we need to apply the "logical page number" function. -- Enable the option "Use logical page number" in the reader menu "edit"> "Preferences"> "page display ". By default, this option is always enabled. In acrobat, you can set multiple page numbers for a PDF file. Let's talk about the non-body page number. Because the body page number always starts with one page, the non-body page number should avoid this encoding format, such as adding a prefix or using an unused encoding sequence. -- Usually, I will add a prefix of the English letter "P ". The following describes an instance. Suppose the absolute page 1 ~ in a PDF file ~ 30 tries to serve as the section before the body, while 31 ~ 150 is the text. -- That is to say, the Directory of this e-Book contains only the body 1 ~ Page 1. Then, we need to first create a "non-body page number ". Switch to "page" in the left sidebar, and find "options" in the top of the sidebar. The "orchestration page number" appears in the drop-down menu ". Click this menu and you will see a pop-up dialog box. On the "page", set the third option from "1" to "30". On "encoding", select "Start new section" and select "1, 2, 3... ", the prefix is set to" P ", and the start value is set to" 1 ". OK. Press "OK" and you will find that the first 30 pages have changed to P1 ~ P30. The subsequent pages are also arranged as 1 ~ Page 1. In general, I don't remember to arrange for 1 ~ The xxx page is the section before the body. I will find the last page and select them in the "page" Column (click the last page first, press the Shift key, flip to the beginning, and click the first page, in the "orchestration page number" dialog box, the "selected page number" is selected by default, and 1 ~ Xxx page. The same applies to multiple segment pages. However, we recommend that you do the same in sequence from the beginning to the end, or you may be confused. Remember to change the page number from 1 ~ XXXX is left to the text (or an appendix) so that you can use the contents in the original book. Using the directory in the original book is also one of the main purposes of bookmarking. For example, if you do not use the original dictionary directory, you have to make buttons for each entry (or each batch of entries), which will drive people crazy. Brother Haitao on verycd once published a scanned version of "" without bookmarks. Later seair made a special version of bookmarks and resends it. The source of resignation has published several versions on verycd. The best thing Haitao and seair have done is that they have bookmarks to facilitate retrieval. But in fact this bookmarks are not doing well. Because it uses buttons to connect to different PDF files, it does not make good use of the original book directory and Word Table. -- An example is: If you find a character on page 1822, you must open the file named “1501-1970.pdf and enter 322. Always calculate the page number in advance, which is not so pleasant. In fact, due to the existence of the "multi-segment page number" (and logical page number), you can reasonably arrange the page number for the body part of each PDF. -- Do you remember the "start value" in the "orchestration page number" dialog box? All right, with these pages, the pages found in the directory or index table are the final pages required. How convenient is it? If you know the page number, you only need to enter the page number in the page number box below reader and press Enter. -- And then find it. Note that you do not need to care about the format of "6 (page 10/431)" in the page number box. You can enter and overwrite them. In a dictionary-type e-book, there will be a "word checklist" before the text, and a "part index table" before "word checklist ". Generally, the "Checklist" is organized from page 1, and the page number in the "index table" points to the checklist, the page number in the Word Table points to the body (another section starting from page 1 ). In this case, you can separate the page numbers in the Word Table into one segment, starting with other prefixes (such as the letter "I, in this way, after finding the first part in the index, you can find the radicals after entering ixxx. After finding the expected Chinese characters, you can use the xxx page to directly locate the text page. Q4: How do I enter difficult words or radicals in bookmarks? ------------------There are some large dictionaries. For convenience, you may plan to add a bookmark to the radicals. This is better than slowly turning over the directory. At this time, you will encounter the problem that the radicals are too difficult to input, especially the most obvious of the ancient text dictionary. The solution is simple. Click Start in windows, select Run, and enter charmap ". You will see a ing table. In the font, there should be a font named 正 character set. Select it-Other fonts, too, but I often use this, and you have to try it on your own. Next, you will find the ideographic text in the "Group" drop-down box below ". After selecting it, a radical table will appear on the right side of the "character ing table". Click the radical table. The first character in the "character ing table" on the left is the beginning of the table. Double-click the character, and the "Copy character" box below will have this offset. You just need to copy it and use it. -- Do not enter .;) Q5: how to adjust the bookmarks in batches? ------------------Sometimes, when a PDF book is downloaded, its bookmarks may be ready. -- The world is beautiful, and there are always many good people. But you may not like it, because this bookmarks are not the style you want. For example, if you click this bookmarks and the page on the right is scaled by width, you may want to "display by the whole page ". As a matter of fact, I often encounter this problem: My display is relatively large, the whole page is displayed to read well, turning pages is also convenient. Is there a way to make all the bookmarks "display by page" after clicking? -- Or display as you want. This requires a plug-in tool named "autobookmark. In this tool, there is a function named "set zoom type", you can use it to unify all bookmarks into a certain open format, or set the zoom ratio after opening. I used to set it to "fit page" in a unified manner )". Autobookmark also has many other functions, but it is recommended to be careful. Because most of them are for English systems, it may be difficult to use them in Chinese. :( Q6: how to adjust the book Opening Style in batches? ------------------When a PDF file is opened, it may be continuous, full-page, or dual-page, or the bookmarks are not opened by default. Different PDF publishers and collectors have different habits. It is not easy to get a book that gives you absolute satisfaction. In fact, you can adjust it by yourself. For example, open the book style. I am used to "opening a single page layout with bookmarks and displaying the homepage cover by default", which looks like getting a paper book. In acrobat, the "advanced" menu contains a "batch processing ". Open it, select "new sequence" in the batch processing dialog box, and enter a name (for example, test). Next, find "open option" in "document" on the right ", add to the right. Select "edit ". OK, you see, you can set any open format. Next, press "OK" and then "OK ". You will see a setting box to set the parameters of the sequence named test you just created. Remember to set the "Run Command on" item. If you set it to "file opened in Acrobat", you do not need to set "input location". Otherwise, you need to set the output location. Finally, you can "Confirm" and save the sequence. In any case, you can restart the "run" sequence from "advanced"-> "batch processing" menu, select a batch of files or a folder, or the files opened in Acrobat, make them have the same open style. Now, you don't have to worry about how much PDF you download. -- Their open style must be the one you like. Q7: how to deal with encrypted PDF? ------------------Sometimes, the PDF Publishing Page encrypts the file so that you cannot modify it. First of all, we should respect others' decisions, but to be honest, some PDF files are not doing well and do not agree with you. "You can't print, copy, or modify the opened style". All of them make you unsatisfied. However, you want to add this book to your favorites. Okay. If we want to add it to our favorites, we have to make him satisfied first. If we want to be satisfied, we have to modify it ...... Well, you have to decrypt it. There are two tools to help you solve this problem. One is "Advanced ebook processor" and the other is "pdf password remover ". -- Of course there are more similar tools, but here I only recommend these two. I am used to the former. I cannot ensure that all encrypted PDF files can be decrypted. Hopefully, it will make your reading PDF as comfortable as possible. Q8: How do I import and export bookmarks in PDF files? ------------------Currently, most of the published PDF files do not contain bookmarks, which means you can either make a copy by yourself, or wait for someone to finish the bookmarks and release a new version of PDF, and then download it. If it's only a few MB of PDF, but if it's a few hundred MB of PDF or a few GB of PDF files, it's crazy to download them again. Is there anyone who can release and export the prepared PDF bookmarks? Just release these bookmarks. We only need to download and import the bookmarks? Yes. Freepic2pdf: this software is used to convert a batch of images into PDF files, but it has a small "inconspicuous" function. It can export bookmarks in PDF files into files and then import them into another PDF file. In the lower-right corner of the freepic2pdf software main interface, this function has a button named "Change pdf". Click it to see how to use it. Freepic2pdf is a tool that can be used without installing acrobat. Therefore, after a user obtains the bookmarks, he does not have to install the large guy such as Acrobat (several hundred MB). He can directly use freepic2pdf to import the file to the PDF file. In fact, freepic2pdf bookmarks are a simple text file. That is to say, you can create bookmarks for any PDF file in its format, and then import the PDF file. You do not need to install acrobat to bookmarks. But the bookmarks made by freepic2pdf are also a little bad. The pages before the text of the bookmarks are in English order, rather than the prefix format, therefore, you need to modify it on your own. As far as I know, only acrobat can easily perform multiple page numbers. As an example, I will export a set of 12-volume bookmarks in my favorite Chinese dictionary for your reference. In the future, I will also release some well-prepared bookmarks from time to time. -- We strongly recommend that you back up the original PDF file before importing the bookmarks. Any changes that are not made through Acrobat (in unofficial solutions) are dangerous. Some people make e-books, some also make bookmarks, and the business of books is getting fun. Haha. ========================================================== =   Part 4: Download   ========================================================== =   Placeholder V1.0 Favoritesr Favorites ------------------These three software are too old, and favorites can be found at the following addresses: Movie V1.0 has been extinct on the Internet. So I found a place to save a copy, you may need (Installation Method reference "Q3: how to install plug-in"): Download: http://www.delphibbs.com/keylife/images/u40/PlaceHolder1.0.ZIPhttp://www.delphibbs.com/keylife/images/u40/FavoritesR.rar Export openparameters.pdf ------------------Download: http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/sdk/pdf/pdf_creation_apis_and_specs/PDFOpenParameters.pdf Superstar splitter 3.53 Superstar library local host 0.5 ------------------The two versions can be read normally. 001 ~. In XXX format, and all are officially released versions. But it is also too old to find. The following is available, and I have saved a copy of it myself. Download (1): ftp: // Chip/single chip computer books supporting CD/51 Test network CD/ebook/Ultra Star short reader setup.exe cute (2): http://www.delphibbs.com/keylife/images/u40/SSReader.353.ziphttp://www.delphibbs.com/keylife/images/u40/L_SSReader.0.5.zip Pdg2pic Freepic2pdf ------------------There are a lot of original things in the old horse's place. There are not many people who have such honest software. These two tools are both original and free tools. In this article, many problems are solved by these two software. There are also a lot of e-book-specific/universal tools in the original space of lauma. Let's take a look. Download: http://www.comicer.com/stronghorse/ Autobookmark ------------------This is one of the acrobat plug-ins of evermap. Another plug-in named autopage is also very good. It can easily insert blank pages to PDF files, so that you can easily process missing pages when making bookmarks. This plug-in is commercial software. If you want a free plug-in, you can find it on the Internet. As long as you work hard, everything will happen. Download: http://www.evermap.com/ Advanced ebook processor 2.2 build 200 PDF password remover2.5 ------------------Please note that the decryption of copyrighted PDF files is strictly forbidden. Please do not use these software for illegal purposes !! Download: http://www.hanzify.org /? Go = show: List & id = 2430 http://www.hanzify.org /? Go = show: List & id = 10394 12-volume bookmarks in the Chinese Dictionary ------------------To download an e-book, search for it in eMule. Note that it is not an electronic ISO file, but an electronic document. Download bookmarks: http://www.delphibbs.com/keylife/images/u40/ .zip


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