FAQs about web page development using ActiveX Controls

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FAQs about web page development using ActiveX Controls

1. What is ActiveX Control?

Microsoft ActiveX control is a reusable software component developed by a software provider. Using ActiveX controls, you can quickly add special features to websites, desktop applications, and development tools. For example, the stockticker control can be used to instantly add activity information to a webpage, And the animation control can be used to add animation features to the webpage.

Currently, there are more than 1000 commercial ActiveX controls. The development controls can use a variety of programming languages, such as C, C ++, the next-generation Microsoft Visual Basic, and Microsoft Visual Java Development Environment Microsoft Visual J ++. Once the ActiveX control is developed, designers and developers can regard it as a pre-assembly component for developing customer programs. By using ActiveX controls in this way, users do not need to know how these components are developed. In many cases, they can design webpages or applications without programming themselves.

Internet Explorer 3.0 is the first web browser that supports ActiveX controls on a webpage. ActiveX plug-in for Netscape display ActiveX controls can also be used in mosaic and Netscape Navigator (see the web site http://www.ncompasslabs.com ).

2. Can Netscape Navigator display ActiveX controls?

Yes. You can use ActiveX plug-in for Netscape to display ActiveX controls in Netscape Navigator. On the ncompass lab website http://www.ncompasslabs.com/, you can obtain the plug-in for the test version. Internet Explorer 3.0 and mosaicweb browsers can also display ActiveX controls.

3. What tools can be used to develop web pages using ActiveX controls?

With activexcontrolpad (see, http://www.microsoft.com/workshop/author/ cpad/), developers can easily insert ActiveX controls in HTML web pages. Follow the ActiveX control pad tutorial on http://www.microsoft.com/workshop/author/cpad/tutorial-f.htmnet. developers can easily learn how to use ActiveX controlpad. Softquad's hotmetal Pro also supports ActiveX controls on HTML webpages. In the coming months, Microsoft and its third-party software vendors will also launch many network creation tools that support web page creation using ActiveX controls.

4. Can ActiveX controls be used only by programmers?

Understanding the scripting language, such as Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) or Javascript, is naturally very helpful for using ActiveX controls. However, it is not necessary to have such a program development foundation. For some controls, you need to write a certain number of script programs to integrate them into webpages, but most ActiveX controls do not. Using ActiveX control pad, even non-programmers can insert many controls into the webpage by simply selecting and clicking.

5. After creating a webpage containing ActiveX control, how does one install and display the control on the user terminal if the user browses the webpage on his/her own machine?

When Internet Explorer 3.0 encounters a webpage containing ActiveX Controls (or composite controls), first check the user's local system registration to check whether the component has been installed on the local machine. If the widget is already on a local machine, Internet Explorer 3.0 displays the webpage and activates the widget. If the control has not been installed on the user's local machine, Internet Explorer 3.0 will automatically find the control from the Internet and install it on the local machine according to the address definition when the developer creates a webpage.

6. How can I define an address on a webpage so that when a user accesses a webpage, the control can be automatically downloaded to the user's computer?

Webpage developers can provide the above information by setting the codebase attribute for the control. When using ActiveX control pad, you can see an Attribute Table in objecteditor, which can be easily used by developers to set attributes. By setting properties, you can define URL addresses or address sets, and find and download controls on the Internet through addresses. Internet assumer3.0 uses the address information to locate the control and automatically download the component. After the download, the webpage appears on the local machine. On Microsoft Systems journal in July 1996, the article "Safe Web surfing with the Internet component download service" details the entire information location and download process. It should be noted that many controls provided by Microsoft (for example, HTML layout Control) do not require codebase settings, because ActiveX object index (ActiveX object index) is used) you can automatically locate the Control Based on CLSID (Unique Identifier of the control.

7. Will the user be notified when the component is downloaded?

Yes. When a component needs to be downloaded, Internet Explorer 3.0 displays a message box by default, notifying users that the download will begin. You can choose to terminate or continue the download. If the control has been digitally signed, a digital certificate is provided, including the software vendor name that provides the control and information about the control that has not been destroyed. Software developers can make digital signatures when developing controls. The signature information is carried by the Control. Therefore, the digital verification book is automatically displayed before the download. Users who use the control on the webpage do not need to do any development work.

8. Where will the control be placed after it is downloaded?

By default, after the control is downloaded, it must be placed in the ActiveX control cache in the/Windows/occache directory.

9. How to Deal with newly created new control versions? If your computer already has the boss control, Internet Explorer, how do I know to download the new version of the control?

The component download service in Internet Explorer 3.0 provides the version control function. With this function, the new version of the control is automatically detected and can be automatically downloaded. In Microsoft Systems journal July 1996, the article "Safe Web surfing with the Internet component download service" details the entire version control process.

10. Is the ActiveX control licensed? After downloading the control, can you use the ActiveX control on your webpage.

ActiveX controls provide a complete set of protection mechanisms to prevent unauthorized users from using ActiveX controls on webpages. So far, some development tools have supported this mechanism, such as Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, and Internet Explorer 3.0 beta2. The existing control authorization license mechanism has two types of licensing methods: Development license and operation license. Development licenses allow license holders to use controls and engage in development-oriented activities using Visual Basic, ActiveX controlpad, and other related development tools. Running a license only allows the License owner to display controls in an existing application or webpage. It is not allowed to insert controls into related tools for development purposes. Supporting the license mechanism is an independent control development work. Some control developers have chosen development policies that do not support the license mechanism. Therefore, for any user, the controls they develop can be used for development once they are installed on a local machine. In addition, some control developers only provide a free running license, and they are charged when providing a development license. Users who need to use controls online should read the license agreement provided by the control developer in detail to determine their permissions to use the controls.

11. Why are some controls, even those that come with Visual Basic 4.0, not displayed on the webpage using Internet Explorer 3.0?

Many controls, including some controls in visual basic4.0, provide license mechanisms. To use these controls online, you must obtain a license for running them and place the license file on the webpage. Otherwise, the control cannot be displayed on the user terminal. For a control, only the legal developer of the control has the right to "run permission" authorization for the control. For details about how to obtain the control operation permission on the webpage, see the license control section in the ActiveX SDK documentation (in the new ActiveX control pad FAQ, there is also a specific example ). It is worth mentioning that Microsoft and its third-party partners also provide a large number of ActiveX controls on the Internet with a free license. When using these controls on the web page, you do not need to submit the license file for use.

12. What controls does Microsoft currently provide? What controls are available in ActiveX control pad and Internet Explorer 3.0?

On the Microsoft website http://www.microsoft.com/activex/gallery/, an activexgroup Gallery (ActiveX component Gallery) is created, which provides a detailed list of currently available controls. Table 1 lists controls in Internet Explorer 3.0 that can be installed from the msdn library.

Table 1. Controls in Internet Explorer 3.0 and the ActiveX control pad

Control name Description
Controls in Internet Explorer (Minimal installation, typical installation, full installation)
Webbrowsercontrol The internetexplorer3.0-based browser control displays HTML homepage, ActiveX controls, and ActiveX documents.

Programmable Control, used to set the interval between execution behaviors and scripts,

Marquee Control Scroll HTML files horizontally or vertically. By setting this control, you can change the number and latency of scrolling. This control is a built-in control of internetexplorer.
Controls in Internet Explorer 3.0 (Full installation)
Activemovie Control

Displays streaming and non-streaming media, such as video, audio, and synchronous images with sound.

Controls in Internet Explorer 3.0 (Fully installed) and ActiveX control pad controls
HTML layout Control HTML display with the latest extension of the Internet Society (W3C)
Internet Explorer 3.0 Two-dimensional HTML fields in
Microsoft forms 2.0 label Used to generate basic text labels
Microsoft forms 2.0 textbox Multi-line text entry and text display window
Microsoft forms 2.0 combo box You can select an option from the drop-down list.
Microsoft forms 2.0 list box You can select an option from the scroll list.
Microsoft forms 2.0 checkbox Support for user verification options
Microsoft forms 2.0 Option Button You can select multiple options.
Microsoft forms 2.0 toggle button Keys with switching status (for example, on/off)
Microsoft forms 2.0 command button Basic key controls
Microsoft forms 2.0 tabstrip Provides a composite page that can be selected through the tab
Microsoft forms 2.0 scrollbar Basic horizontal and vertical scroll bars
Microsoft forms 2.0 spin button Buttons that can be pushed up or down
Microsoft ActiveX image control Display images in. jpg,. GIF,. BMP, or wavelet format
Microsoft ActiveX hotspot Control Used to add transparent hotspots to HTML layoutcontrol
Microsoft control on ActiveX Component Library Network ?
Animated button

Displays different frame sequences in the. AVI file based on the key status. Windows animation universal control is used .. AVI files must be RLE or 8-bit compressed.

Chart You can draw different tables in different ways.
Gradient Mask a region with different colors and switch between a specific color and another specific color.

Displays a text from a specific angle. This control also allows you to extend the defined curve display text. This control also supports click, change, mousedown, Mouseover, and mouseup events.


Allows the webpage author to place a menu key on the webpage, which can pop up a standard menu. The menu control uses the VBScript code control key to activate an event that the author can respond.

Popup menu A menu is displayed whenever the popup method is called. This controller activates an event when the menu item is clicked.
Popup window An HTML text is displayed in the pop-up window. This control is often used to provide online description and connection preview of the tool.
Preloader Download an object from a specific URL and put the object into the cache. This control key is invisible during running and starts to be downloaded once activated. When the download ends, this key activates a completion event.
Stock ticker The number of data downloaded from a specified URL is displayed consecutively at an interval. Data can be in text or. Xrt format.
View Tracker An event set is generated whenever the control enters or leaves the display area. Based on some inputs, the author can use this control to automatically modify the functions or attributes of a webpage.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft and third-party partners are constantly developing new controls. Many of these controls have been placed in the Microsoft ActiveX Component Library WebSite http://www.microsoft.com/activex/gallery.

13. Where can I get these ActiveX controls?

Information 1 and related connections exist in the Microsoft ActiveX component gallery, which point to various ActiveX controls provided by Microsoft and third-party developers.

14. What ActiveX controls are currently provided by third-party software vendors?

Currently, there are more than 1000 commercial controls provided by third-party software developers. In the Microsoft ActiveX Component Library (ActiveX component Gallery), you can find a list of companies that develop Internet-enhanced ActiveX controls.

15. Once the preceding ActiveX controls are installed, how do I develop webpages using these ActiveX controls?

Use ActiveX control pad to insert these controls into your HTML webpage. Follow the ActiveX controlpad online tutorial (http://www.microsoft.com/workshop/author/cpad/tutorial-f.htm) to learn how to use these tools (see activexcontrolpad on the http: // www. microsoft.com/workshop/author/cpad/webpage ).

16. How does the HTML layout control enhance the web page development capability using ActiveX controls?

The HTML layout control supports extended HTML published by W3C and allows precise object locating on webpages. Originally, HTML did not allow Web developers to use X and Y coordinates to precisely locate elements on the web page, nor to stack objects. The new "2-D" layout feature allows developers to complete more complex designs and provides support for users to develop better network applications. By implementing the new W3C HTML extension, the HTML layout control provides more advanced layout options for ActiveX controls displayed in Internet Explorer 3.0. The HTML layout control is a new component of Internet Explorer 3.0 and is integrated into the full installation version of Internet Explorer 3.0. (The HTML layout control is also part of ActiveX controlpad and can be installed through the msdn library. As a full-frame editor based on WYSIWYG pages is provided, ActiveX control pad can be used in combination with HTML layout control. This makes it easier to develop an advanced two-dimensional HTML Design Using ActiveX controls.

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