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FBD300 V1.0 is a fast network and Baidu anti-virus joint launch of a security router, built-in Baidu antivirus intelligent module, real-time online detection of Internet behavior, reduce the fishing, Trojan Web site to users of the network security risks.

Quick Configuration Method:

First, follow the diagram below to connect the computer and the router:

If your home network does not have ADSL modem (also known as "cat"), but the direct network cable households, you can omit the image above the ADSL modem connection, direct access to the router WAN port network.

When the line is connected, the LEDs for the router's WAN and wired LAN ports will illuminated steady or flicker, if the corresponding port LEDs are not normal or the computer's network card in the lower-right corner indicates a red fork, To indicate a problem with the line connection, try checking the connection or replacing the network cable.

The first step: set up your computer

(1) Windows7/vista Operating System Setup method:

Click "Start-Control Panel-Network and internet-network and Sharing Center-change adapter settings-Local Area Connection", right-click "Local Area Connection" and select "Properties". Follow the information in the following figure to set the local connection information to "Automatically obtain IP address" and "Automatically obtain DNS server address" and click "OK" when the setting is complete.

(2) Windows XP Setup Method:

On the computer desktop-start-control Panel-Network Connections page, select the "Local Area Connection" icon, right-click, select "Properties", press the information in the following image to set the local connection information to "Automatically obtain IP address" and "Automatically obtain DNS server address" and click "OK".

Step two: Log on to the router management interface to set up the router:

Open the computer's browser, in the Address bar to enter, you can log in to the router's management interface, as shown in the following figure, click "Start", first set the router's Administrator password (password length can only be 6-15 digits).

When the setup is complete, click "OK" and the system will automatically detect the way the router is going online. As shown in the following figure, users can click the "Change the Way Online" manual selection of the router's internet approach, the way the router's Internet depends on the user's specific network environment, if the user is not sure which one to choose the way to access the broadband service provider call to determine, confirm the following settings.

FBD300 V1.0 supports the following three ways to access the Internet, please choose the appropriate configuration method according to your personal situation.

Mode 1: Broadband access (PPPOE): A stand-alone use of windows with the "broadband connection" to dial, the operator gave a broadband Internet access account and the Internet password.

In the space, enter the broadband operator assigned to you the Internet account and the password, click "Next" for wireless network settings. If you forget the Internet account or Internet password can call the broadband service provider call to confirm.

(Note: Many users can not access the network because of the wrong username and password entered, so please carefully check the input of the broadband username and password is correct, pay attention to distinguish between Chinese and English input, letter case, suffix is full input, etc.). )

Mode 2: Dynamic IP: Single machine as long as the network cable, do not need to dial also do not need to set IP address can access the Internet.

The Internet mode does not require any settings directly click "Next" for the wireless network settings.

Mode 3: Static IP: A stand-alone network needs to enter the operator assigned to your IP address, subnet mask and other information.

Enter the details that the broadband operator assigns to you in the space, including the IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS server address. If the operator only assigned a DNS server address, then the alternate DNS server address can not be filled out, the specific parameters can be dialed operator customer Service phone to confirm, set up after the completion of the "Next" wireless network settings.

Set up your router's wireless network (WiFi):

Wireless Network Name: You can either keep the default name or fill in a name that you are familiar with, and do not recommend entering Chinese.

Wireless Password: Encryption method recommended to select WPA2-PSK, the password is a number of more than 8 digits, letters or other characters, do not support the input of Chinese to encrypt.

When you are finished, click Next to view the router settings.

After the setup is complete you can see the following interface, when the router has been set up, when the router automatically "connect" successful, the computer will be able to access the Internet, while the mobile phone, tablets and other WiFi-enabled devices can be connected to the FBD300 V1.0 wireless network sharing Internet.

Click "Finish" to exit the Setup wizard.

When the settings are complete, the browser interface will automatically jump to the "Run Status" column when the browser is refreshed. Normally you can see the "WAN status" display followed by a specific IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and other parameters rather than As shown in the following illustration, this indicates that the router is "connected" to the internet properly.

(Note: If the IP address in WAN status is still in broadband access (PPPOE) mode, you can refer to the contents of the dial-up failure, as shown in the following figure.) Click "View Help" to do the appropriate check according to the prompts. )

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