fast-framework– Java WEB MVC Framework implemented based on JDK 8

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Lightweight Java WEB Framework –

    • Based on the JDK 8 specification
    • Based on the Servlet 3.0 specification
    • 0 configuration
    • The REST service interface is based on JSON transport
    • Currently offers MVC ... Solution Solutions

I. Author and learning Paradise

SOURCE Address: My github address
Li Qiangqiang is also called Mason.
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Ii. Quick Start 1. Required environment
    • Git Environment Setup
    • Maven Environment Setup
2. Download Fast-framework project and sample case
git clone
3. Maven Compiling sample case
cd fast-framework // cd 到工程根目录mvn clean install // 编译工程
4. Start the sample case
cd fast-sample // cd 到 sample 案例工程根目录mvn jetty:run  // 启动 sample 工程

The Console appears with the following result, indicating that the server started successfully:

...[INFO] Started [email protected]{HTTP/1.1}{}[INFO] Started @5133ms[INFO] Started Jetty Server[INFO] Starting scanner at interval of 10 seconds.
5. Visit sample

Open in Browser:


will get the following result:

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fast-framework– Java WEB MVC Framework implemented based on JDK 8

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