Fast printing of artificial intelligence business card, through the sales management of the 7-storey "fog

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Artificial Intelligence business card, through the sales management of the 7-storey "fog

In this fast-metabolic era, it is not easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to differentiate themselves from the fierce market competition. such as many small and medium enterprises in the operation, management process, the surface is lack of talent, lack of customers, lack of business, in fact, lack of training mechanism, lack of management ... The following is a quick print summary of small and medium-sized enterprises operating seven pain points. See how many of you have been stabbed? As the most popular selling tool, fast printing of artificial intelligence card is how to help enterprises solve sales management problems?

Pain Point A

Lack of business, actual lack of thinking

In the era of mobile Internet, is your business still smashing into gold advertising? or burning money to invest in a deep flow of information advertising? Large enterprises may be able to afford these time and money costs, but it is almost a luxury for small and medium-sized enterprises with capital and manpower. Therefore, small and medium-sized enterprises need to change the product landscape, break the current sales model, to create more sales space.

Fast printing from the most common business social scene-business card, the business card to upgrade, the original paper business card upgrade to an "artificial intelligence business Card", this small business card, contains a subversion of the industry's enormous energy, in the business card contains not only personal contact, but also mall, official website, dynamic, CRM, fission system, The salesperson can complete the customer, transform, trade, service, manage the whole sales process through "a business card", and make it more easy to land.

After the opening of the fast printing business card, each salesperson has become the company's living signs, from the greatest extent to tap the potential of employees ' social relationship, change staff connections for the company's money, the use of business card fission spread, to achieve brand delivery and the purpose of the sale of goods, so that marketing unique.

Pain Point Two

Lack of a single surface, the actual lack of methods

The same is a customer, others can immediately become a single, why they can only look at the customer left? is the customer very select? is the product not good enough? are not, but you do not know the customer, the method is wrong, the so-called method is not in vain!

With their deep roots in artificial intelligence and big data, fast-print customers can provide users with big Data intelligence analytics that help them dig deeper and analyze behind social relationships. For example, the use of fast-printing artificial intelligence card, can help sales staff to intelligently track user behavior trajectory, predict the rate of transactions, analysis of customer portraits, and then intelligent discovery of sales leads, when you know the customer's preferences, personality, work, demand, your sales are very simple.

And through the customer service system within the business card can communicate with customers in real time, in order to prefer to push business card attention to the actual business opportunities. This series of features not only makes sales smarter and more efficient, but the whole process is simple and easy for both business and sales people.

Pain Point Three

On the surface of the lack of category, the actual lack of brands

The more we sell, the cheaper it is, the better it is. Imagine, when a store has too many categories of products to sell, it may just be a grocery stall or hypermarket! In fact, many small and medium-sized enterprises owners of the brand concept is basically not conscious, so the size of the enterprise is difficult to enlarge.

The emergence of fast printing, will be very good to help small and medium-sized enterprises to shape the brand image. Fast printing of artificial intelligence business card to create a new generation of enterprise service ecosystem, with small program smart card as the carrier, while integrating the official website and mall functions, subversion of traditional business cards and official web sites, standardize the output of enterprise brands; through fast printing, small and medium-sized sales staff in the exchange with customers, Show is not only personal image and contact, but also to show the official website + Mall, effectively establish a positive image of authority, for the enterprise to save the PC website construction, maintenance costs and open shop costs.

Fast printing of artificial intelligence business card, through the sales management of the 7-storey "fog

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