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Hello everyone, I am the Shanghai web Site Construction Association network of wooden son Chengzhou. For SEO Health of the website, the front has been for you to talk about three aspects of "rapid Upgrade website SEO Health One: website content health" "Fast Upgrade Website SEO Health Second: Website Hardware Health" "Fast Upgrade Site SEO Health three: The site chain Health", for the site's SEO health In fact there are many, And for the importance of the key words believe that we also have a considerable understanding, today I want to introduce to you is the Site keyword selection and layout.

The keyword of the website is very key, we do SEO when for the key words have two to pay attention to, one is to choose, select keywords to choose the key words, choose the right to their own strength, they can handle, but also pay attention to the effect of these keywords; the other is the layout, the layout should be based on the weight of the principle, In addition, we should pay attention to nature, extensive, long tail keyword is an important aspect. Here are two aspects for everyone to do a simple analysis.

 1, the choice of the website key words health

For the selection of key words, we have done a simple introduction, in fact, the choice of keywords is very simple, only to do the following several aspects can be:

A, first of all we want to see the industry keyword is suitable for us to do, for example, we are doing SEO, but your strength is not so big, certainly can not be oriented to the country, we can choose according to their own region, in Beijing can choose Beijing SEO, if you think Beijing seo more difficult to do, and I was Hubei people , then I can choose Wuhan seo, here I want to say is according to own choice of strength, blindly choose a keyword beyond their own strength, not only difficult to optimize, but also to their confidence caused harm.

Of course, according to the ability to choose just the site keyword selection is suitable for one aspect, some industry words are too big, can be separated from the long tail words and auxiliary words, and some even extended to different industries, at this time should pay attention to choose, not to do industry words, choose long tail word optimization better, for example, I have a friend is to do "printing" , but there is a "stamp duty" in the long tail is not the word in the industry, then the printing is likely to cause great losses, and his current business only for Yiwu, then he certainly needs to choose long tail words to do optimization, such as Yiwu printing, Yiwu printing factory.

B, Second, we choose the keyword when we need to pay attention to the value of this keyword. Many cases have been optimized before, and some of the keywords are very hot, do also quite arduous, of course, after the first effect is quite to the force, such a high value of the key, of course, it is worth choosing, but at the beginning of the time we can not tell, this time need to use tools, such as Baidu Index, Baidu related search, there are webmaster Bole, love the station, such as digging long tail word tools, as long as we can distinguish between the size and value of the difficulty can be. Generally speaking, we search a word, Baidu bid more, the word value is higher, of course, the difficulty is a bit big. In addition, we need to dig up some of the long tail words that bring accurate customers, although several search volumes are available in a day, but sometimes they can be developed into customers.

2, the site key words layout health

For the layout of the keywords in fact I have no good system before the idea, has always been in accordance with their own settings, today for this article did a simple collation.

A, layout first consider the weight of the keyword location.

The first is the label of the website. In the title tag of course, the weight will be very high, keyword tags and description tag, followed by a page we are the highest weight should be H1 tag, in this tag we want to set some key words to optimize, next is H2-h6, some anchor text bold keyword position weight is also good.

The 2nd is the website navigation and the secondary navigation. Generally speaking, there are some keywords in the navigation, or the use of different keywords to do navigation will enhance the weight of the keyword, because these links to the navigation link to the page is related to this keyword knowledge, relevance has been a good guarantee. For example, we are selling autumn outfit, in the navigation if autumn outfit, will guide all the autumn installed in the list page, users will find their own in this page of the autumn outfit.

Third, the general in a page of the first and the tail are relatively high weight, so need in these places more layout some keywords, so that key words in an important position more performance, the weight of natural ascension.

B, the three key word layout: Natural, extensive, long tail sex.

When the key words appear inside the website must pay attention to natural reasonable, especially those who read it is not fluent, it is very unfriendly, is that we want to be in every corner of the site attention to set some key words, especially for some long tail keyword, need to do anchor text to do, Weight in such a bit of accumulation, but also need to pay attention to the long tail of the keyword layout, the more long tail we can guide the more traffic, potential customers will be more, so the long tail absolutely need to pay attention to, especially when we update the site every day need to pay attention to the article in the Long Tail keyword construction , I generally use the title of the website to optimize the long tail words, so the weight is high, the ranking of optimization will also be very good.

OK, about the site keyword selection and layout of health problems are introduced here, and I want to communicate with friends can add my qq,: 843745641

This article by miracle into a boat, Shanghai Web Site Construction Association Network ( NET series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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