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Fast-track is the Backtrack tool inside the penetration tool, in the modern penetration testing process reflects the powerful power she has, but also to the security personnel brought great pressure.

When it comes to Fast-track, the user is most familiar with the MSSQL automation attack, it can not only automatically restore the xp_cmdshell this stored procedure, but also automatic power, automatic loading payload. And all of this, you just need to provide a URL with an injection point (of course, the permission must be SA). Fast-track will automatically help you accomplish all this. Even if you only need to provide an IP address, Fast-track will automatically help you detect the injection point, and then automatic claim, is not very powerful? Next we go into Fast-track's introduction:

"Matesploit Penetration Test Guide" in the Fast-track is described in this way:

FastTrack is an open source tool based on Python, which implements some of the advanced penetration technologies that are extended. It uses the MSF framework to implant attack loads, or it can implement penetration attacks through client vectors, and it adds new features that complement MSF: MicrosoftSQL attacks, more penetration attack modules, and automated browser attacks.

Then let's go into the FT's world:

Start FastTrack

It is recommended that you use command-line interaction mode for penetration testing, which is much simpler than the graphical interface.

Let's take a look at the Fast-track launch menu:

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