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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. The front for you have written four articles of the "Fast Upgrade website SEO Health degree One: Website content health" Fast Upgrade website SEO Health Second: Website Hardware Health "" Fast Upgrade Site SEO Health three: the site of the chain of health "" Fast Improve the site SEO Health four: website keyword health ", This series is also written to the end, about the chain of some things finished, there is an article on the health of the brand, maybe this series is over, I think I wrote this series is very meaningful, but also worthy of my in-depth study, because SEO health after many years will continue to be put forward, This will be an inevitable trend after the maturity of SEO. Today I want to introduce is the website SEO health is very crucial to a big aspect: the website outside the chain platform health.

Outside the chain is a website optimization process in which we focus most, pay the most, also will study the deepest one aspect, it is the key link of SEO, want to outside chain this piece does not drop a chain, we need to do a lot of, for example if choose outside the chain of platform, how the outside chain is a high quality effective link, How to release the chain and so on are the problems we need to do well. Below listen to miracle into a boat shallow for everyone to do an analysis, can truly achieve the health of the external chain platform.

For the external chain release platform, we must make the choice, reasonable platform choice is we do a good job of external chain health protection. Here we mainly from three aspects of the external chain release platform health: 1, high popularity, 2, high weight 3, testing a good platform.

 1, high popularity of the platform

For highly popular platforms, perhaps the weights of these platforms are not so high, perhaps these platforms or new stations, but through the current popularity and development momentum, it will definitely do well in the next period of time, such a platform needs our focus to do, 28 push forum is a typical example, last year to this year, 28 push after a year of insistence, has become a vague SEO forum inside the leader, posting is also a quick collection, the weight is also quite high. Similar platform also, Lin, Moonseo Forum, Lin from last year to this year has been adhering to the unique way to operate, his innovation to quickly in the network to start fame, with the help of SEO celebrities and the Internet cattle slowly accumulate popularity, its forum now seems to have required the invitation code, The inside of the chain is also quite to the force, Moonseo inside the key lies in its ability to provide public welfare courses, every day have a master yy share, want to learn the right to the power of the SEO technology, go there to listen to the free course is very good, these courses attracted a lot of popularity, the forum after the fire up, The quality of the chain is naturally of great value.

 2, the High weight platform

Why many people are willing to choose some PR higher than the site for the construction of the chain, some people even desperate to go to the government website hanging black chain? Three words: High weight. The weight of the platform to send out the chain is generally very strong, the weight of the export will have a great value, this point we will certainly agree.

Here I give you the first advice is to choose those main station is PR5 above the forum, the weight of these forums are very good, such webmaster related forums have seowhy,a5,chinaz,28 push, push A, whip News and so on.

The second suggestion is to choose a high weight site also pay attention to the choice of location. High weight of the site home page and content pages of the weight difference is very large, advertising section and edition of the weight of the plate is certainly not the same, the depth of the site may be the lower the weight, so pay attention to the position, choose the right position, do the right thing.

 3, test the good platform

Blind outside the chain construction of the site mostly from their own to the outside of the chain platform is not familiar with, hear others say well, we will do this is a lot of stationmaster's common disease, many people even have no concrete thinking to go how to do. In fact, sometimes others to the platform is to be slowly raised, there may be other people to the platform suitable for him but not necessarily for you, so the platform must be tested well, this is why the webmaster SEO is said to do more than the resources, because the accumulation of long time they have a lot of testing good outside the chain platform. Here to remind you that SEO is really a need to adhere to the matter, especially for the new, no test good outside the chain platform must know to borrow, first get someone else to recommend to you, hurriedly test, not to use hurriedly give up. SEO is actually the result of continuous testing.

Well, about the site outside the chain of health ideas are introduced here, as long as the grasp of these three points, we will be able to do a good job in the selection and accumulation of the chain platform. Friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641.

This article by miracle into a boat, Shanghai Web Site Construction Association Network ( NET series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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