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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. SEO Health for the site before I also mentioned to you, in addition to the front I give you introduced the "Rapid Upgrade website SEO Health One: website content health" "Fast Upgrade Website SEO Health Second: The website hardware Health" in the content and hardware health, in fact, there are links to health, which is very important outside the chain, But the chain is often overlooked by everyone, today I introduce to you is SEO optimization process within the health of the link to note.

Internal links, simple understanding of all the links within our site, one of the things to note is that these links are from one page of the station to guide another page, or guide back to the page, today I will give you two aspects to introduce the website SEO in the health of some of the ideas.

 1, the website inside the chain is the website content nerve network!

Web site within the chain as a Web site content of the neural network this is absolutely able to get everyone's approval, the homepage of the website is like the trunk of a tree, other column page, content page is the branch of this tree, in general this can let a website grow well, but for our website is more powerful, Each of the branches and the trunk must have a considerable connection between the trunk branches and leaves before each other to supplement nutrition, so as to make such a tree more and more strong.

For the health of the chain within the site, we are in fact very good judgment, one is the need for the overall structure is very reasonable and clear, generally speaking, the enterprise station needs 3 layers of structure, and some large mall, the portal may need 4, of course, according to their own needs to make adjustments can, here need to be aware of the columns must be clearly divided, Avoid cross, let search engine not crawl.

Search engines and users are the users who come to experience your website's neural network, search engine crawl more quickly, if your neural network is more reasonable, he will be better and faster to follow your nerves constantly crawling the site page, site content, and then quickly based on your high-quality content to do an evaluation, Weight will continue to accumulate and improve. The user is not the same, he is more focused on the user experience, if your neural network can quickly help him to find the product or information he wants, then he will think that your site is very useful, if you can provide long-term useful information for him, then he will linger on your site, wait until such a user more, You will be able to find out how well you have built the perfect neural network.

 2, the site within the chain of health from the three-party interconnection!

Talk about the chain of health many webmaster did not do well, in fact, because a lot of people do not pay attention to, on the other hand, because some webmaster do not do the chain, but really understand after you will find this is inseparable from the three-party interconnection. Maybe someone will ask which three? In fact, is the home page, the section page and the inner pages. Do these three aspects of the interconnection can do a good job in the chain, as for health needs attention.

A, according to their own optimized keywords to carry out the focus of the construction of the chain. If we need to optimize the homepage to set the keyword, that will be more focused on the column page and the interior page layout of several keywords and do a good job anchor link, and so on, we also need to use the content page to do column page of the key anchor link, which has a very critical aspect is the use of the inner pages of the chain to enhance the weight , so that the long tail keyword rankings have been upgraded to obtain accurate flow.

B, according to the site focus on different key to the internal chain construction. If we are to do a direct transformation, it is best to do long tail of the key words in the chain, so that the long tail to bring direct flow conversion, many sites do not rank but customers are endless. If we are in order to provide users with quality products and services, we must pay attention to highlighting their product advantages and service quality, these can be used to guide users to feel the chain. Reasonable inside the chain, give the user what they want most, also give the user what we want to let them feel most, do these two points we can do well within the chain.

Inside the chain to do is actually very simple, the key is the persistence of night tired, as well as the whole situation of reasonable control, sometimes the chain needs us to do a plan, this is like a station group, do not draw a good sketch in advance, it is likely to failed. Today is introduced here, there are friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641

This article by miracle into a boat, Shanghai Web Site Construction Association Network ( NET series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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