Father of MongoDB: MongoDB is better than bigtable

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10gen Company CEO Dwight Merriman

Dwight Merriman co-founded DoubleClick Company in 1996 and served as Chief technical officer for 10 years. Dwight Merriman's goal is to build a "cloud platform" similar to Google's APP engine or Microsoft Azure.

Dwight Merriman and his team, including Shopwiki's founder Eliot Horowitz, took part in a ceremony to start MongoDB in New York 10gen. In addition to being the main operator of the Open source project, the company provides support, training and consulting services as well. 10gen hosted the second developer conference in San Francisco, Merriman a keynote speech at the morning conference, which focused on the origins of MongoDB and explained why such a database should be built.

"At the end of 2007, the idea was to build an online service for the development, hosting, and automatic scaling of Web applications," said Merriman, referring to MongoDB's birth. "But unlike Google App engine, the service is built entirely on an open source software platform. "So after looking at the Google BigTable architecture for a long time, Merriman and his team noticed that there is no open source database platform for this service, which might be an opportunity."

"We realize that many of the existing databases do not really have the" cloud computing "feature. such as elasticity, scalability, and manageability. These features can be convenient for developers and operators, and MySQL is not fully equipped with these features.

Therefore, the goal of Dwight Merriman and his team is to build a new database. The new database will give up the familiar relational database model, and it is suitable for modern network applications and based on distributed platform. Highly transactional systems can help solve some tricky problems while supporting the scalability of cloud computing architectures. Merriman explained that. After a year of continuous efforts, the database has been relatively perfect. They design it as a database with the potential for cloud computing services. And it will continue to improve, because MongoDB itself is an open source database.

In an Open-source, document-oriented database, MongoDB is often hailed as an RDBMS-capable NoSQL database. MongoDB also comes with an interactive shell, which makes it easy to access its data store, and its support for block-mounted, out-of-the-pack, enables high scalability across multiple nodes.

It is reported that the MongoDB API is a local mixture of JSON objects and JavaScript functions. The Shell program developer can interact with MongoDB, either by allowing command-line arguments or by using a language driver to access the data store instance. There is no class JDBC driver, which means that developers do not have to deal with ResultSet or PreparedStatement.

Speed is another advantage of MongoDB, mainly due to how it handles writing: they are stored in memory and then written to disk through a background thread.

"Because users are not prone to distributed links in large environments, and it is difficult to do a large scale deployment in a distributed environment, users need something to support," Memmiman explains.

Finally, he said it was also important to limit the transactional semantics of the database. You can use distributed transactions. But it won't be that fast when you're running on 1000 machines. such as banking or accounting systems. Traditional relational databases are now more suitable for applications that require a large number of atomic complex transactions. (Li/Translate)

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