Fault analysis and implication of alarm sound in BIOS

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The BIOS is the voice of the alarm, you can according to the alarm sound length, number to determine where the problem appears and analyze the location of the computer fault is conducive to the failure of the solution.

The general meaning of the AMI bios ring tones is:

1. A short sound, memory refresh failed. Memory corruption is more serious, I am afraid it is necessary to replace the memory.

2. Two short sound, memory parity error. You can enter the CMOS settings and turn off the memory parity parity option, which is set to disabled. In general, however, the memory stripe has parity and turns on parity in the CMOS settings, which is good for the stability of the microcomputer system.

3. Three short sound, System basic memory (1th 64Kb) check failed. Replace the memory bar.

4. Four short sound, system clock error. Repair or replace the motherboard.

5. Five short sound, CPU error. But it is not necessarily the CPU itself is wrong, it may be a CPU socket or some other problem, if this CPU on other motherboards normal, then the error is the motherboard.

6. Six short sound, keyboard controller error. If the keyboard is not plugged in, that good to do, plug on the line; If the keyboard connection is normal but there are error prompts, you may wish to change a good keyboard to try; otherwise, there is a problem with the keyboard control chip or related parts.

7. Seven short sound, system real mode error, can not switch to protection mode. This also belongs to the motherboard's fault.

8. Eight short sound, video memory read/write error. The memory chip on the video card may be damaged. If the storage slice is pluggable, just find the bad slice and replace it, otherwise the graphics card needs to be repaired or replaced.

9. Nine short sound, ROM BIOS check error. Swap the same type of good BIOS test, if you prove that the BIOS is problematic, you can use the rewrite or even hot plug method to try to recover.

10.10 Short sound, register read/write error. You can only repair or replace the motherboard.

11.11 Short sound, cache error.

12. If you do not hear the beep ring can not see the screen, the first should check the power supply is good, in the overhaul is often easy to neglect, do not connect to the motherboard power on the boot test. The second is to see if there are fewer components, such as CPU, memory, and so on. Once again, unplug all the cards that are in doubt, and leave only the display cards to try. Finally locate the jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS setting, clear the CMOS settings, and let the BIOS return to the factory state. If the monitor or display card and wiring are not a problem, the CPU and memory is not a problem, after these steps, the computer on the boot or does not show or ring ring, it can only be the problem of the motherboard.

The general meaning of the award bios ringing is:

1 short: The system starts normally. This is what we hear every day, and it shows that there are no problems with the machine.

2 Short: General error, please go to CMOS setup and reset the incorrect option.

1 long 1 short: RAM or motherboard error. Try another memory, if not, have to replace the motherboard.

1 long 2 short: monitor or display card error.

1 Long 3 short: Keyboard controller error. Check the motherboard.

1 Long 9 short: motherboard Flash RAM or EPROM error, bios damage. Try the flash RAM for another piece.

Keep ringing (long sound): the memory strips are not plugged in or damaged. Reseat the memory bar, if still not, only replace one memory.

Keep ringing: power supply, monitor does not connect with the display card. Check all the plugs.

Repeat short sound: power problem.

No sound no display: power problem.

Poenix BIOS Alarm Sound (there are many Poenix in the previous boss, but now has been award acquired)

1 Short system boot normal

1 short 1 short 1 short system power initialization failure

1 short 1 short 2 short motherboard error

1 short 1 Short 3 short CMOS or battery failure

1 short 1 short 4 short ROM BIOS checksum error

1 short 2 short 1 short system clock error

1 Short 2 short 2 short DMA initialization failed

1 Short 2 short 3 short DMA page Register error

1 Short 3 short 1 short RAM refresh Error

1 Short 3 short 2 short basic memory error

1 Short 3 short 3 short basic memory error

1 short 4 Short 1 short basic memory address line error

1 Short 4 Short 2 short basic memory checksum error

1 Short 4 short 3 short EISA sequencer error

1 Short 4 short 4 short EISA nmi mouth error

2 short 1 short 1 short before 64K basic memory error

3 short 1 short 1 short DMA register error

3 Short 1 Short 2 short Primary DMA register error

3 Short 1 Short 3 short primary interrupt processing register error

3 Short 1 short 4 short from interrupt handling register error

3 Short 2 short 4 short keyboard controller error

3 Short 1 Short 3 short primary interrupt processing register error

3 Short 4 Short 2 short display error

3 Short 4 short 3 short clock error

4 Short 2 short 2 short shutdown error

4 Short 2 short 3 short A20 gate Error

4 Short 2 short 4 short protection mode interrupt error

4 Short 3 short 1 short Memory error

4 Short 3 short 3 short clock 2 error

4 Short 3 short 4 short clock error

4 Short 4 Short 1 short serial port error

4 Short 4 Short 2 short parallel port error

4 Short 4 Short 3 short number coprocessor error

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