Fault Analysis of audio and video development, and audio and video Fault Analysis

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Fault Analysis of audio and video development, and audio and video Fault Analysis

In the process of audio and video development or the use of development tools, especially when a software is unfamiliar, it is usually impossible to start with problems, here, the AnyChat platform, a relatively advanced audio and video development platform in China, is used as an example to provide common fault analysis, troubleshooting, and solutions:

I. server part

After the server program starts, a log file "AnyChatCoreServer. log" is generated in the directory where the server program is located. The typical log file content is as follows:

1. --------------------------- InitService ---------------------------

2. Current File Version [2, 8, 6, 2], Build time: 2010-06-22:17:25

3. Authorized certification success!

4. Run Service

5. Start TCP Server Successed (port = 8906 )!

6. Start UDP Server Successed (port = 8907 )!

It records the version information of the server and the release time, and the two most important points. It also records whether the authorization information is verified successfully and whether the TCP and UDP services are started successfully.

If the SDK Filter (Plus) interface is configured in the server configuration file, the log file also records whether the loading is successful.

Generally, the server encounters the following problems:

1. server startup failure due to authorization information verification failure. When the server starts, it will read the authorization certificate file (AnyChat. cer) and verify whether the file is valid. If the file is lost or the authorization information is incorrect, the startup will fail. In this case, please contact our after-sales service (attached: contact information );

2. The server fails to start because the port is occupied. If the TCP and UDP ports configured in the server configuration file are occupied by other programs or multiple server processes are started, the ports will be occupied, you only need to disable the process using this port, or modify the port number in the configuration file, and then restart the server program;

When an exception occurs, please provide the two files to us. This will help us quickly locate the fault point and provide the upgrade patch.

Ii. Client

If the upper-layer application does not take the initiative to disable the AnyChat SDK log function, a log file "BRAnyChatCore. log, which can be opened in Notepad. It records the SDK version number, release date, whether the library file is loaded successfully at startup, and the information about the APIs that upper-layer applications call AnyChat SDK, and contains some parameters.

The Analysis of client log files can solve most abnormal client phenomena, including:

1. Exceptions caused by different versions: the client log records the SDK version information, the version information and release time of the related library files, and compares them with the normal log files, determine whether the version is abnormal;

2. Because the component is not successfully registered or the related component (DLL file) fails to be loaded, some functions may be abnormal. If the video cannot be turned on or the local audio collection device cannot be turned on, can be caused by component registration or missing components;

3. the SDK cannot work properly due to incorrect call parameters. For example, if the connection to the server is unsuccessful and the server is normal, it is usually caused by incorrect input IP addresses or port numbers, this type of problem can be identified by analyzing the API input parameters recorded in the log file;

4. Client exceptions caused by the order of API calls: Compare with normal log files to determine whether API calls are faulty.

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