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in the initial setting of a wireless router, the general step is to do a physical connection, connect the WAN Wan port of the wireless router to Adslmodem, and connect a LAN port of the wireless router to a set of computers.

Then set the computer to automatically obtain the IP address, and then the wireless router's default management IP into its settings page can be. But sometimes this happens, the computer has been obtained from the wireless router IP address, but can not enter the wireless router Settings page (that is, into the, repeatedly check the connection between the various devices, and there is no improper, this is what reason?

  There are several reasons that lead to The reason for not going to

①:adslmodem the routing function, and the Lanip address is the same as the Lanip address of the router. Current default Lanip (Gateway) for most wireless routers Is, and many manufacturers of Adslmodem also use this value as the default Lanip of the product, so that once the user has two devices connected to the loop, the computer can still get to the IP address from the router, in the DOS command line window using the ipconfig command to view the obtained IP Information, but cannot ping the wireless router.

②: The browser settings enable the proxy server.

In contrast to the first scenario, pinging a router from a computer at this point is a pass, but the Router settings page cannot be entered. If this description, then should first check the browser proxy server settings, are often agents to provoke the trouble: Start the browser to open a Web page, select the Tools menu Internet Options → connection tab Right below the LAN settings, disable the proxy server function.

The reason for not to go ③: The computer has installed many network cards.

In order to set up the management router, some users will install more than one network card in their own computer, if the network card is not used to set improper, will also cause the same consequences, so, in setting up the router, in addition to the network card in use, it is best to disable the other network cards, to complete the router's settings and then enable.

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