February domestic Operating system market share: XP share unexpectedly rose Win 7 fell

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IDC Commentary Network (idcps.com) March 05: According to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in February, operating system win XP in the domestic still occupy the largest market share, the chain last month, unexpectedly increased by 0.19% to 46.29%. The subsequent win 7, the share of the decline, fell to 42.15%, the decline of 0.82%. Thus, the competition between the two is still fierce. Below, please check with IDC comment Network about the February domestic operating system market share data.

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(Figure 1) February domestic operating system market share distribution map

1, in February, the domestic operating system market share of the top five rankings, compared with last month, no change. Among them, champion win XP, in the month of a long-term decline, to achieve gains, share reached 46.29%, up 0.19%. In contrast, the runner-up win 7 parts suffered nibble, dropped to 42.15%, the chain reduced by 0.82%. In addition, the second runner-up win 8 's share increased from 5.27% to 5.49%. While the remaining two Mac OS and win 2003 share of the decline, dramatically their decline is the same, 0.02%.

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(Figure 2) the market share of the domestic operating system half-yearly change trend comparison chart

Observation Figure 2, in the past six months (September 2014 to February 2015), the operating system win XP market share overall downward trend, the share was swallowed by Win 7, both fierce competition, and so on. In February 2015, the Win XP situation improved, reversing the decline, the share of small rise to 46.29%. The corresponding is the win 7 share fell, failed to achieve a breakthrough of 43% speculation, and Win XP Gap for the first time in six months. Nonetheless, the dominance of Win XP remains precarious, a necessity for its exit from the market.

February domestic Operating system market share: XP share unexpectedly rose Win 7 fell

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