Fedora 6 vmware-tools Installation Process in VMware

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# Install software called by VMware Tools
Yum install gcc # Install kernel header files
Yum install kernel-devel # Check it matches the running kernel
Uname-R # running kernel
Rpm-Q kernel-devel # installed kernel Headers
# It the two versions do not match, run
Yum-y upgrade kernel-devel
# Then reboot (but only if they did not match ). # Find out where the kernel headers are
Ls-D/usr/src/kernels/$ (uname-R) */include
# You may need this later. # If you already have VMwareTools-5.5.2-29772.tar.gz On disk, skip this step!
# Download VMware-workstation-5.5.2-29772.tar.gz from vmware.com
# Extract the VMware Tools ISO from it
Tar -- strip-components = 3-zxvf VMware-workstation-5.5.2-29772.tar.gz/
Vmware-distrib/lib/isoimages/Linux. ISO
# Create a temporary mount point
# Mount the image
Mount-o loop Linux. ISO/mnt/vmtools-Temp
# Copy VMware Tools from the Mount
# Unmount the image and tidy up
Rm Linux. ISO # Unpack VMware Tools to a temporary directory
Tar zxvf VMwareTools-5.5.2-29772.tar.gz
# Do you want to run vmware-config-tools.pl? Yes # Fix Xorg config
# If when you (re) Start X, you get the error "undefined monitor" VMware "..":
VI/etc/X11/Xorg. conf
# Add the lines
Section "Monitor"
Identifier "VMware"
# To add better mouse support, add the lines
Section "inputdevice"
Identifier "mouse0"
Driver "vmmouse"
Option "protocol" "Auto"
Option "device" "/dev/input/mouse0"
# Then find the "serverlayout" section, and in that section, add the line
Inputdevice "mouse0" "corepointer" # Todo fix vmhgfs compile (currently broken)
# Todo fix Fast Ethernet driver compile (currently broken)
# Todo copy and paste broken
This is the entire installation process, and the red part is the part that addresses the display and mouse. Install the above operation!
So far, the installation of VMware Tools is complete.

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