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13th Step: QT3 Programming

QT4 out so long, why also talk about the next QT3, because QT4 no Chinese version of E-books, there are a few chapters remaining, in fact

QT3 and QT4 difference is not too far, first familiar with the Chinese QT3 and then see the English QT4, even if you do not understand English is very fast

But QT4 's Chinese version of the book is there, if interested in money to buy, it is worthwhile.

QT3 the compilation process under Fedora takes hello.cpp as an example:

#q Make-project

#qmake Hello.pro


This will generate the executable file for Hello, which is to say that the second sentence may not be hello.pro I'm just taking an example

You can use the LS command to see what *.pro is generated in the directory and then in Qmake

Post-compilation execution:


You will see just the small form, if you are interested in more complex procedures please refer to the "QT3 GUI C + +" book

I have a Chinese version of the ebook, want to leave your email.

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