Feel the persistence and strength of your dream: Ten Years of time. The dream will take me to fly

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Ten years-dream takes me to fly


[Work description]: A young man born in 1970s, with ordinary family members, no privilege and no background. He started from the bottom of the society and started with his dream as a power, the true struggle experience that spans the middle class. This is not a book about top successes. What is success? Everyone has different definitions. It tells the story of how a general college graduate born in 1970s has no family or social background (which may be universal) and how to sharpen his mind from a monthly salary of 240 yuan to an annual salary of 0.3 million yuan, years of growth and career transformation! Of course, if you say that the 0.3 million-year salary is a mark of success on your career journey, it will be a book about success with a proper positioning and great reference value, through this pursuit, we will share with you the truth and power of a dream's growth, as well as the self-transcendence of the soul.



Self-order: from the heart



--Chasing your own life in the sky!





I am neither a writer nor a young man in literature. I just write down this process and experience with my whole heart. Do not dare to use "with", only with "sincere dedication", hope to face the difficulties, the pursuit of dreams, desire to surpass, and look forward to their own life together! A friend kindly reminded me after reading the manuscript, asking me to make some fancy things, find a celebrity to write a preface, Or something especially targeted. My goal is to present a piece of hard work, which is not the sole purpose of the book store as profit-winning, so I did not deliberately cater to a certain business needs. I believe that this will be a pure work and a good book with your heart. The truth and frankness will be my only consideration and effort for you.


Nowadays, society is filled with an impetuous, utilitarian, and a phenomenon that has no real pursuit of life. Many people are confused about it, I firmly believe that what this society should pursue is definitely not the impetuousness and float of the "Mu zimei. The competition for books in the market is fierce, and there are also many inspirational books, but they are indeed uneven. Many of them are just on paper, and some are fake products fabricated by the Dark culture. Many books talk about CEOs, ctos, and so on. After all, this is only common and realistic. I believe that it is more relevant and practical to tell an ordinary young man how to cross poverty to another realm of life. In such a pursuit, the dream is the motivation to lead people to fly! Life has been so hard and rich, and I firmly believe that as long as we can constantly improve ourselves and learn, we can also be reborn in our own hands and pursue the unique color in our own sky.


This book completely describes and records the most common college graduates born in 1970s without any background. They are confused about their careers and their feelings, starting from the lowest layer of the city, chasing the dream and perseverance of young people and crossing the true story of international foreign companies. It integrates the story of a boy becoming a man, the feelings of first love, the delicate feelings of men, the struggles and struggles of foreign companies, the experience and feelings of the most real value in the workplace, and the gaze of Beijing drifting, the power of dreams, as well as the remodeling and transcendence of the soul in the face of life. This is because an ordinary person has different colorful moments at different stages, and ten years of his life is made by these joys and sorrows into a cool melody.






The first part tells the story of an ordinary graduate who has been confused about his career, his love is far away, his family is misunderstood, and he has lost his postgraduate entrance exam, there is still a dream. It is a gray memory. The second part describes how to get rid of the predicament and leave the job alone to pursue a new opportunity and hope. Relying on honesty and diligence, we gradually broaden our career and vision, and gradually grow up. This is a green memory. The third part tells about the job-seeking experience, new opportunities and new dream pursuit for a love commitment, far from going to Shenzhen. This is a blue memory. The fourth part describes the highlights after the pursuit of a previous dream, but the dream quickly burst. Faced with the new challenges and new dream pursuit of north drifting. After joining the famous telecom giant Ericsson, his vision and career have also risen to a new level. Foreign companies are wonderful and sinister, and they are also a broken dream. If you have a dream, you will have perseverance and strength, and the foreign company's workplace will also be destiny. In addition, the true portrayal and feelings of the north drifting career are honed to bring out a persistent and enthusiastic pursuit with a dream and a feeling in the adversity and dilemma of life. The memory of a color change. The fifth part summarizes and refines the story content of the entire book, and the essence of the book is also in this chapter. Recall the past, pursue tomorrow, and feel every trace of life. Whether this trace is frustrating or excited, it is rich and wonderful in life. It is blue and wide.


Disclosing your own history and heart, or even the pain, weakness, and failure, is always confusing and timid. However, writing your own recognized achievements and experiences makes it hard to grasp the words and points, it may even upset me sometimes. I once learned from my friends who tried this book that "the first person is used to tell the story of my success. If the style shows that the story is not a celebrity, the first person is slightly publicized. In other words, self-transmission is a failure ." Extreme feedback. I once wanted to adapt a book to a novel, but I was reluctant to accept such authenticity. The writing or novel theme of the third party is indeed easy to make the book look more perfect and inspiring, but I always feel that I have lost something.


I have been chasing after years of youth. Although I am not a celebrity at all today, after reading the chapters I have written, I have been encouraged by readers of distant netizens for many times, I felt that I wrote a good book very realistically, persistently, and enthusiastically. I was also touched by the persistence and history of this dream in the book. I felt that I wrote a good book with my heart. I don't want to deliberately state a so-called personal success. I think it's trivial. What I want to express and share is a story about the power and perseverance of my dreams, the growth of my youth, the tempering of my difficulties, and the colorfulness of my own. Therefore, I decided to keep the first person, just hoping that the readers would not think that I was so arrogant; otherwise, Please treat the readers as a friend or senior student's long letter, or simply as a literary work. Youth should have been used to prove that youth has no regrets, and young people should have been used to pursue their own lottery.


I have never thought that I am a so-called "successful" or "Golden Collar". I am only a professional who works in a foreign company. However, I think a Career Pursuit experience and a career process with an annual salary of 0.3 million jobs are more feasible and universal. In the face of the young working siblings we met during the journey, the students who just graduated are at a loss in the face of society and occupation. They really want to share with them this young journey of flying with their dreams; in the face of people who have crossed the age of 20-30 in 1970s, we also hope to recall with you the time and life changes that have elapsed. Honestly, I have been poorer, timid, helpless, desperate, and failed than many people, but I have been more persistent, pursued, and dreamed of than many people. If I can do this, you should also do it when you are young. Even if we start to face a lot of helplessness, we should also do something for our youth, so that after ten years of time passes, there will be some moments and awards worth remembering and excitating. Because we are young, we always stay in the middle of our hearts for power and dreams.


After more than a year, I spent my painstaking efforts until 2 o'clock every night. For me, I tried to present a vivid image to the readers in a "mirror-style" language, hoping to be able to be immersive, just like a shot in a movie. I also tried to extract the true understanding and feeling of music, coffee, photography, and beautiful scenery to interpret the feelings and thoughts of life with a kind of men-style delicate feeling and pen tone.


The significance of a dream to life is to always remember the dream in your heart, let the dream give you strength, take you off; as long as you have a dream in your heart, any dilemma will not make you numb and hurt.


You and me!



Chase the one that belongs to you and my own sky!




1. Difficult Times


1. Decadent youth in difficult times

2. Fireworks in difficult times (excellent)

3. Hard Times (recommended)

3.1 of men without money are timid

3.2 turbid nest

4. Dream and hope of a difficult time

5. Hard Time and youth


6. Seven days of dreams in the wind of hard times (excellent, recommended)

7. People who take the postgraduate entrance exam in difficult times are all poor (excellent, recommended)

2. Don't hesitate.

1. Do not hesitate to leave it alone (recommended)

2. Do not hesitate to sweep the street. The monthly salary is 500.

3. Do not hesitate to get laid off. The minimum security fund of 120 yuan

4. Do not hesitate to seek technical support. exceed 1000 RMB

4.1 break through the poverty line

4.2 entry into the system integration field (recommended)

Stupid birds fly first

Significance of challenges

One of the concepts of 4.3 men is brave enough to face (excellent)

4.4 enjoy loneliness

4.5 fate

4.6 feathers gradually grow and goodbye "Yongcheng"


5. No longer hesitate for System Engineers. More than RMB 2000

5.1 feel Hong Kong Capital

5.2 Vision Development

5.3 challenge IP address exchange

5.4 opportunity. Preliminary Thoughts on career planning (recommended)

5.5 concepts of Men 2. Be a person first (excellent)

5.6 Qianli job search. Farewell to Chengdu


Iii. chasing dreams. Shenzhen Blue

1. Challenges job search in Shenzhen

1.1 Shenzhen Blue

More than 1.2 yuan

1.3 met. openet aotian

2. Entering the Internet Field

2.1 new fields

2.2 horizon expansion and Experience Accumulation

3. Arrangements in the dark. WAP

4. Long-lasting interviews over half a year (recommended)

4.1 gradual Determination

4.2 Plan Foreign Enterprise Strategy

4.3 first contact with headhunting

4.4 6 months long interview


Telephone Interview

Qianli interview

Easy to learn

Chengdu interview

Beijing took the offer and broke through 10000 yuan

5. Fly to a foreign company.

4. I am flying

1. Facing the North drift. anjia Beijing

1.1 From floor store to five-star hotel (recommended

1.2 anjia

1.3 all beings (excellent) in the subway)


2. Dream is not far away (excellent)

2.1 feel the foreign company Nortel Networks

2.2 speech mengyuan Trilogy

Jinjiang Hotel, Chengdu I'm back

Times of confidence in Beijing Shangri-La Shangri-la

Shanghai Portman


3. I'm not convinced. It's too hasty for foreign companies to break their dreams)


3.1 reject

3.2 sinister

3.3 foreign companies are too hasty

4. Challenge the survival adversity of Beijing

4.1 see headhunting again

4.2 missed Tel labs


4.3 lucky Ericsson. Annual Salary: 0.2 million

5. The third concept of men is to face failure (excellent)

6. Mobile Internet. Telecommunication giant Ericsson

6.1 Ericsson is a kingdom

Telecom giant Style

International Challenges

Ericsson university training

6.2 mobile internet mobile Internet

Promote mobile Internet Mi

Deep Thinking and logical reasoning

6.3 million 3.1 flying circles

7. Politically fierce foreign companies (recommended)

7.1 nowhere to escape. Transformation

7.2 unexpectedly. beyond reason. Relentless political

8. Ericsson (excellent, recommended)

8.1 final saving

8.2 unbearable sadness

8.3 parting email

Disappear 8.4

9. Beijing Night

9.1 what she cannot understand

9.2 authentic North drift

9.3 Life is like a play. I struggle at dawn and night

10. Go home (excellent)

10.1 wandering

10.2 headhunting letter

11. Access the creator of Beijing. I mode again

11.1 at that night

11.2 headhunting cooperation. Interview negotiation (recommended)

The success was due to careful preparation. Summary of foreign company interview experience

Interview negotiation. exceeding the annual salary of 0.3 million

11.3 ups and downs in the workplace

11.4 changes and adaptation of corporate culture

11.5 Trust Establishment

The last day of 11.6 s thirty years old, airport bleeding

11.7 successful transformation: from technology to business expansion


5. Ten years of time. The dream will take me to fly

5.1 ten years

5.2 dream takes me to fly


Aonan sincere dedication



March 20, 2005 Sunday

Beijing CBD


At, September 2, 2005


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