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After graduating from college, I have to have experience in finding a job. If I want to find a shortcut, I will go to training. after half a year of training, I am not finishing yet. I have come out to work in advance. As a classmate (a brother), he has been working for nearly a year. Just as their company recruited people, he recommended me to their managers. Let me go to the interview. When I was busy, I didn't even print my resume, so I went to the interview with my classmates. I just waited for the manager for half a day. Because it was a manager, there may be many things. In the company around 10, the employee signed in. The manager looked at my electronic resume, asked me a simple question, and talked about salary. Because the manager is engaged in C Development and doesn't know Java too well, he hasn't asked any technical questions, that is, he just looked at the project I previously worked on. In fact, small companies are looking at your project capabilities. After a simple interview, I asked for an electronic resume and asked me to send it to his mailbox. I think there is a lot of hope in the interview when I give me a notification at night. I didn't receive a call at night. Maybe the manager has a lot of things. I forgot about it, or I was notified the next day. Let me go to work next Monday because the interview is on Wednesday. So I took a few days to prepare for work.

I went to work very early on the first day. I looked for a c ++ book at noon. When I had a lunch, the manager asked me to accept an email, I am given an email address and password, because every employee of our company has an email address on our own website. As a platform for sending information to managers and receiving tasks. Let me look at a project document and talk about the management end. I was confused. I opened the document of a project and started to work on the project. It took nearly two weeks to complete the operation. In fact, all the functions were implemented, and then the modification was tested and tested. Show the customer, provide comments to the customer, return to the modification document, modify the document, submit the customer's comments after modification, return to the modification document, modify the document, and submit the modified document to the customer. After several modifications, the entire project is gradually improved, and the final modified version is submitted.

This is the end of a project.

At the beginning, it was quite late to work overtime every day. In fact, working overtime during the program is the same as eating every day. It's a normal thing to get used. The first project is simple and easy to write.



By: javaalpha

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