FFmpeg Base Library (iii) module composition

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Libavformat: For the generation and resolution of various audio and video encapsulation formats, including obtaining information needed for decoding to generate decoding context structure and read tone
Video frame and other functions, the format Resolution Protocol of audio and video, provides independent audio or video stream source for libavcodec analysis stream.
Libavcodec: Used for various types of sound/image codec, the library is the core of audio and video codec, to achieve the most visible on the market decoder
, the Libavcodec library is included or applied by other major decoders ffdshow, Mplayer, etc.
Libavdevice: Hardware acquisition, acceleration, display. To manipulate audio and video capture or output devices commonly used in computers:
alsa,audio_beos,jack,oss,1394, VFW.
Libavfilter:filter (FileIO, FPS, DrawText) audio and video filter development, such as aspect ratio cropping format non-format scaling.
Libavutil: Contains a library of common utility functions, including arithmetic operation character manipulation;
Libavresample: Audio and video encoding and decoding format presets.
Libswscale: (RAW video format conversion) for video scene scaling, color map conversion, Image color space or format conversion, such as rgb565
rgb888 such as yuv420 and so on conversion.
Libswresample: Original audio format transcoding
Libpostproc: (A simple algorithm for synchronization and time calculation) is used for post-processing, and post-treatment of audio and video applications, such as the block effect of images.
FFmpeg: This project provides a tool that can be used for format conversion, decoding or TV card instant encoding, etc.;
Ffsever: An HTTP multimedia instant broadcast streaming server;
Ffplay: is a simple player that uses the FFmpeg library to parse and decode through the SDL display;

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