"FFmpeg learning" uses SDL2.0 to display ffmpeg decoded data

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According to the code in the study found that the author used SDL1.2 is outdated, the SDL official website under the SDL2.0 version,

found that the Sdl_setvideomode function and the sdl_overlay structure within the tutorial02 have been deprecated,

After a Google and SDL demo study, the following code can be compiled

TUTORIAL02.C//A pedagogical video player that would stream through every video frame as fast as it can.
This tutorial is written by Stephen Dranger (dranger@gmail.com). Code based on Ffplay, Copyright (c) 2003 Fabrice Bellard,//And a tutorial by Martin Bohme (Boehme@inb.uni-luebeckr emovethis.de)//Tested on Gentoo, CVS version 5/01/07 compiled with GCC 4.1.1///use of the Makefile to build all example

S.////Run using//TUTORIAL02 Myvideofile.mpg////To play the video stream on your screen.

#include <libavcodec/avcodec.h> #include <libavformat/avformat.h> #include <libswscale/swscale.h> #include <SDL2/SDL.h> #include <SDL2/SDL_thread.h> #ifdef __mingw32__ #undef Main/* Prevents SDL from Overri Ding Main () */#endif #include <stdio.h> int randomint (int min, int max) {return min + rand ()% (Max-min +
    } int main (int argc, char *argv[]) {Avformatcontext *pformatctx = NULL; int I, videostream;
    Avcodeccontext *pcodecctx = NULL;
    Avcodec *pcodec = NULL;
    Avframe *pframe = NULL;
    Avpacket packet;
    int framefinished;
    float Aspect_ratio;
    Avdictionary *optionsdict = NULL;
    struct Swscontext *sws_ctx = NULL;
    Sdl_createtexture ();
    Sdl_texture *bmp = NULL;
    Sdl_window *screen = NULL;
    Sdl_rect Rect;
    Sdl_event Event;
        if (ARGC < 2) {fprintf (stderr, "Usage:test <file>\n");
    Exit (1);
    }//Register All formats and codecs av_register_all (); if (Sdl_init (Sdl_init_video | Sdl_init_audio |
        Sdl_init_timer) {fprintf (stderr, "Could not initialize SDL-%s\n", Sdl_geterror ());
    Exit (1); }//Open video file if (Avformat_open_input (&pformatctx, argv[1], NULL, NULL)!=0) return-1; Couldn ' t open File//Retrieve stream information if (Avformat_find_stream_info (PformaTctx, NULL) <0) return-1; Couldn ' t find stream information//Dump information about file onto standard error Av_dump_format (Pformat
    CTX, 0, argv[1], 0);
    Find the first video stream videostream=-1; for (i=0; i<pformatctx->nb_streams; i++) if (pformatctx->streams[i]->codec->codec_type==avmedia_type
            _video) {videostream=i;
        Break } if (videostream==-1) return-1; Didn ' t find a video stream//Get A pointer to the codec context for the video stream Pcodecctx=pformatctx
    Find the decoder for the video stream Pcodec=avcodec_find_decoder (pcodecctx->codec_id);
        if (pcodec==null) {fprintf (stderr, "Unsupported codec!\n"); return-1; Codec not Found}//Open Codec if (Avcodec_open2 (Pcodecctx, Pcodec, &optionsdict) <0) re turn-1; Could not open codec//AlLocate video frame pframe=avcodec_alloc_frame ();
    avframe* PFRAMEYUV = Avcodec_alloc_frame ();
    if (PFRAMEYUV = = NULL) return-1; Make a screens to put our Videe//#ifndef __darwin__//Screen = Sdl_setvideomode (Pcodecctx->width, pcodecctx->
Height, 0, 0);
#else//Screen = Sdl_setvideomode (Pcodecctx->width, Pcodecctx->height, 24, 0);
#endif//Sdl_wm_setcaption ("My game Window", "game"); Sdl_surface *screen = Sdl_setvideomode (640, 480, 0, Sdl_fullscreen |
                              Screen = Sdl_createwindow ("My Game Window", sdl_windowpos_undefined,
                              sdl_windowpos_undefined, Pcodecctx->width, Pcodecctx->height, Sdl_window_fullscreen |
    Sdl_renderer *renderer = sdl_createrenderer (screen,-1, 0); if (!screen) {fprintf (stderr, "Sdl:could not set video mode-exiting\ n ");
    Exit (1);                                }//Allocate a place to put our YUV image on the screen//bmp = Sdl_createyuvoverlay (pcodecctx->width,//                               Pcodecctx->height,//Sdl_yv12_overlay,//
    screen); BMP = Sdl_createtexture (renderer,sdl_pixelformat_yv12,sdl_textureaccess_streaming,pcodecctx->width,pcodecctx-
    Sdl_settextureblendmode (Bmp,sdl_blendmode_blend); Sws_ctx = Sws_getcontext (Pcodecctx->width, Pcodecctx->height, PCODECCTX-&GT;PIX_FMT, p
     Codecctx->width, Pcodecctx->height, pix_fmt_yuv420p, sws_bilinear, NULL, NULL, NULL
    ); int numbytes = Avpicture_get_size (pix_fmt_yuv420p, Pcodecctx->width, Pcodecctx->he
    uint8_t* buffer = (uint8_t *) Av_malloc (numbytes*sizeof (uint8_t)); Avpicture_fill ((Avpicture *) PFRAMEYUV, BuffEr, pix_fmt_yuv420p, pcodecctx->width, pcodecctx->height);
    Read frames and save first five frames to disk i=0;
    rect.x = 0;
    Rect.y = 0;
    RECT.W = pcodecctx->width;
    Rect.h = pcodecctx->height;
        while (Av_read_frame (Pformatctx, &packet) >=0) {//are this a packet from the video stream? if (Packet.stream_index==videostream) {//Decode video frame Avcodec_decode_video2 (Pcodecctx, Pfra
            Me, &framefinished, &packet);
            Did we get a video frame?  if (framefinished) {Sws_scale (SWS_CTX, (uint8_t const * Const *) pframe->data, pframe->linesize, 0, Pcodecctx->heigh
                T, Pframeyuv->data, pframeyuv->linesize);Ipitch calculates the number of bytes in a YUV row of data sdl_updatetexture (BMP, &rect, pframeyuv->data[0], pframeyuv->linesize
                Sdl_renderclear (renderer);
                Sdl_rendercopy (renderer, BMP, &rect, &rect);
            Sdl_renderpresent (renderer);
            } sdl_delay (50);
        Sleep (500);
        }//Free the packet, is allocated by Av_read_frame Av_free_packet (&packet);
        Sdl_pollevent (&event);
                Switch (event.type) {case sdl_quit:sdl_quit ();
                Exit (0);
    }} sdl_destroytexture (BMP);
    Free the YUV frame av_free (pframe);
    Av_free (PFRAMEYUV);
    Close the codec avcodec_close (PCODECCTX);
    Close the video file Avformat_close_input (&AMP;PFORMATCTX);
return 0;


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