Fiddler catching iOS device HTTPS package

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Fiddler grab the phone app request, when we test that side will need to grab the app's package to verify the security of the interface, especially the payment interface, but the payment interface is generally HTTPS protocol.

Operating Environment:


2.fiddler 5.0

3. Computers and procedures need to be on the same LAN

One. Set up

1.fiddler>tools>fiddler options>connections check Allow remote computers to connect

Two. View computer IP key +r input cmd < Enter ipconfig after opening, remember IPV4 address

2. Set up the phone agent

iOS phone settings <wifi< Click the link of the wireless back end small I sign

Select Configure Proxy

Select the manual server (do not lose the wrong, to be consistent with the host name of the computer): Just CMD saw the IPv4 address, Port: Fiddler This is worth 8888 ports

3. Next, we can catch the HTTP packet, many times work needs to catch the HTTPS packet, now many interfaces are HTTPS protocol. are HTTP requests, is not required to install the certificate, can be caught directly, if the HTTPS request, this time the phone needs to download the certificate

Note: Use the phone to open the browser input:http://192.168.xx.x:8888:< the middle of the host address is the IP address of the machine, the following screen appears

5. Note: Here is I recently encountered a confused problem, the test when catching iOS app HTTPS package, agents, certificates are set up has been unable to catch, very headache!!!

Always appear above two images the H5 page can only load static resources. Frequent error, the final reaction came out of their own made a low-level error, once again to share the hope that colleagues to avoid similar mistakes delay working time, wasting brain cells.

Some of the iOS systems are not necessarily: After installing the Certificate: Settings > General > About Native > certificate Trust authority

After this set up can be a happy test, catch the iOS HTTPS packet unimpeded

Note: Welcome colleagues to give advice to me, a lot of guidance

Fiddler catching iOS device HTTPS package

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