Field understanding in the Http Request Header, http request header field

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Field understanding in the Http Request Header, http request header field

1. Accept belongs to the request header, and Content-Type belongs to the object header.
Http headers include common headers, request headers, response headers, and object headers.
Requester's http header structure: Common header | Request Header | entity Header
Http header structure of the responder: Common header | response header | entity Header

2. Accept indicates the data type that the sender (client) wants to Accept.
For example, Accept: text/xml;
The data type that the client wants to accept is xml.

Content-Type indicates the Data Type of the object data sent by the sender (client | Server.
For example, Content-Type: text/html;
The data format sent by the sender is html.

Accept: text/xml;
Content-Type: text/html
That is, the data type to be accepted is xml, and the data format sent in this request is html.

3. Referer: Http Referer is a part of the header. When a browser sends a request to a web server, it usually carries a Referer to tell the server from which page the request is sent.

4. the Cache-Control value is divided into: max-age = xx; indicates that the cached content will expire after xx seconds. This option is only available in http1.1;

Public; all content will be cached;

Private; content is only cached in the private cache;

No-cache; no content will be cached;

Must-revalidation/proxy-revalidation; if the cache content is invalid, the request must be sent to the server/proxy for re-verification.

5. user-agent: a browser. Its information includes the hardware platform, system software, application software, and users' personal preferences.

6. accept-encoding: the browser sends the code to the server and declares the encoding type supported by the browser.

7. accept-language: indicates the language and region supported by the browser.






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