File Format problems in Windows and Linux

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When you run the cat-V filename command in Linux to view files written in Windows, you can find that each line ends with a ^ m character. An unexpected error occurs when an application written in Linux reads a file containing ^ m characters. Therefore, you need to convert the file format in windows to the file format in Linux.

There are still doubts:

Open the file containing ^ m in my VI, and set: set list can only see the line break represented by "$", but not ^ m characters. Replacement with: %/^ m $/g is not found.


To get the ^ m do not actually enter it as is. insert it by typing the CTRL-V sequence instead.

Remove ^ m:

There are many ways to remove ^ m, which are summarized as follows:

Method 1:
To convert the file format in VI, run the following command: WQ.
: Set fileformat = Unix
: Set fileformat = DoS

Method 2:
Use the col command
Cat file_win | col-B> file_linux
Cat file_win | col-B | tee file_linux

Method 3:
Use the tr command
Cat file_win | tr-D'/R'> file_linux
Cat file_win | tr-D'/R' | tee file_linux


Removing CRLF using vi

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