File Server blue Screen repair the whole process of sharing

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Recently, the company file server exception, causing all users can not be used, but there is a lot of data and sharing on the file server, if reinstalling the system, will inevitably cause user rights confusion, short time can not be restored to normal, and the user can not access, because the server is older, resulting in the raid drive difficult to obtain, and need to drive the floppy disk to load, the whole process is relatively complex, in this sharing process, hope to be able to help those who encounter the same problem of friends;


Yesterday morning at the same time when the server detected the process of the file server up to 182, and the speed is very slow, scheduled to restart the server in the afternoon maintenance, the server in the shutdown process in the blue screen phenomenon, unable to shut down normally, after the forced shutdown can not start the normal blue screen phenomenon;

Resolution process:

1, in the case of blue screen, can only be forced to restart the boot process during the boot interface a RAID abnormal alarm, and can not start the server normally, confirmed that one of the disks damaged, resulting in the entire server does not start normally, boot boot report raid error cannot load the logical volume and system, After removing the abnormal hard drive, the primary hard drive starts normally, but there is a raid warning (it starts normally);

2, start to enter the interface state, the blue screen as shown:

650) this.width=650; "height=" 131 "title=" wpsfa1e.tmp "alt=" wpsfa1e.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa1e.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

3, preliminary judgment RPCRT4.DLL file corruption caused, re-RPCRT4.DLL file recovery, from the original system CD (Windows Server 2003 R2 32bit SP2, note: Ensure the same system version) to get the corresponding file location: j\i386\ RPCRT4. Dl_, for file repair, repair steps:

1) boot from the PE with RAID drive;

2) Enter the command line to import the corresponding file to the C:\Windows\System32 directory;

Expand J:\i386\RPCRT4. Dl_ C:\windows\system32\rpcrt4.dll (pay attention to back up the original Rpcrt4.dll file, in case of rainy);

3) register the corresponding DLL file;

regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\rpcrt4.dll (ensure successful registration)

650) this.width=650; "height=" 308 "title=" Wpsfa3e.tmp "alt=" wpsfa3e.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa3e.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

4, restart the server again, error message: NTLDR is missing unable to boot the system (not), preliminary confirmation of boot partition information corruption, repair method:

1) boot to console repair mode via Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 CD1, need to load RAID card driver during startup, detect RAID Card model:

RAID Card model: 8k–l

650) this.width=650; "height=" 386 "title=" wpsfa4f.tmp "alt=" wpsfa4f.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa4f.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

2) Download the RAID card driver, because we installed the system is 32bit, so need to obtain the corresponding 32bit driver;

650) this.width=650; "height=" 157 "title=" wpsfa50.tmp "alt=" wpsfa50.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa50.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

3) Regular RAID card driver needs to be loaded through the floppy drive, but because the company does not have a floppy drive device, the solid need to make a U disk floppy drive (detailed production process slightly, which is a waste of time, because the need for this USB drive to make floppy drive boot);

650) this.width=650; "height=" "title=" Wpsfa60.tmp "alt=" wpsfa60.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa60.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

4) Copy the corresponding RAID card driver to the floppy disk;

650) this.width=650; "height=" 272 "title=" wpsfa61.tmp "alt=" wpsfa61.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa61.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

5) Restart the server press F1 to set the BIOS allow floppy disk;

6) Start the server press F12 to select the startup item, select boot the System CD from CD (Default boot from floppy drive);

7) Press F6 key to load floppy disk RAID card driver;

8) Select the corresponding driver, press ENTER;

650) this.width=650; "height=" 449 "title=" wpsfa72.tmp "alt=" wpsfa72.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa72.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

9) Enter the system installation interface and press the R key to enter the console repair interface:

Do the following:

1> to fetch file read-only properties

Attrib–r C:\ntldr

Atrrib-r c:\

2> copy the corresponding file from the system CD to the system directory;

Copy j:\i386\ntldr c \

Copy j:\i386\ c \

The middle will prompt whether to overwrite, cover can;

3> repairing the drive's master boot record

Fixmbr Enter Y return

4> repairing hard Drive boot sector


5> input exit exit, restart the server;

5, restart the server again or error, Tip: NTLDR is compressed

Cause: The original server to the C disk compressed space, so the normal load NTLDR file boot.

650) this.width=650; "height=" 197 "title=" wpsfa73.tmp "alt=" wpsfa73.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa73.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

Workaround: Boot to the server via PE and modify the corresponding file attributes:

Attrib–s–h C:\ntldr

Attrib-s-H c:\

Select the corresponding file right click, in the Advanced option will "compress content to save disk space" before the tick removal;

650) this.width=650; "height=" 287 "title=" wpsfa84.tmp "alt=" wpsfa84.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa84.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

6, start the server again error as shown:

650) this.width=650; "height=" 109 "title=" wpsfa85.tmp "alt=" wpsfa85.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa85.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

7, it appears that the system needs to be repaired, restart the server from the CD-ROM boot, load the floppy disk drive RAID card driver, according to the general system installation mode into the system installation interface, when prompted by the system, press R key to repair (repair process and reinstall system is not small), to be repaired completed;

8, after the completion of the repair, the system user groups, users, domain information is normal, but the corresponding software will not work properly, such as: iSCSI Storage Connection Tool, multiple attempts to connect the iSCSI hard disk error, and in the Add, Remove Programs without this software delete item, download windows 2003 ISCSI Software repair installation, or can not connect properly;

9, repair installation after completion, in the Add, remove programs can see the corresponding software, delete the corresponding software, and then restart the server, and then the corresponding iSCSI software installation;

650) this.width=650; "height=" 183 "title=" wpsfa86.tmp "alt=" wpsfa86.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa86.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

10. When the corresponding iSCSI target server is configured, the connection is successful;

650) this.width=650; "height=" 498 "title=" wpsfa96.tmp "alt=" wpsfa96.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa96.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

11, and then in Disk Management online corresponding iSCSI hard disk, and add the corresponding disk identification (note: The best and pre-system hard disk volume label the same);

650) this.width=650; "height=" "title=" Wpsfa97.tmp "alt=" wpsfa97.tmp "src=" Uploads/2015/11/wpsfa97.tmp_thumb.png "border=" 0 "/>

12, this time to open the corresponding disk of the original share is not exist, need to restart the server, from the system load sharing can be;

At this point, the file server exception repair completed, the entire process after several troubleshooting, try to repair.

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File Server blue Screen repair the whole process of sharing

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