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The fillfactor percentage is only used when an index is created.

General fill factor setting policies:
The more data changes, the smaller the fill factor.
The smaller the data changes, the larger the fill factor. For tables with no data changes, set the fill factor to 100.

When creating an index, you can specify a fill factor to set aside additional gaps and retain a certain percentage of space on each leaf page of the index, it can expand the data storage capacity of tables in the future and reduce the possibility of page splitting. The fill factor value is a percentage value from 0 to 100, which specifies the proportion of data pages to be filled after the index is created. When the value is 100, the page will be filled up, and the storage space reserved is the minimum. This setting is used only when data is not changed (for example, in a read-only table. The smaller the value, the larger the free space on the data page. This reduces the need for splitting data pages during the index growth process, but requires more storage space. This setting is more appropriate when data in the table is changed.

The fill factor option is provided to fine tune the performance. However, the default fill factor for the server range specified by the sp_configure system stored procedure is the best choice in most cases.

It indicates that even for an application that targets many insert and update operationsProgramGenerally, the number of database reads exceeds 5 to 10 times the number of database writes. Therefore, specifying a fill factor different from the default setting reduces the read performance of the database, and the decrease is inversely proportional to the value of the fill factor setting. For example, when the fill factor value is 50%, the read performance of the database will be twice as low.

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