"Film critics" and visitors from the Sui Dynasty

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Known as "the head through comedy", but became the only one in this year let me not watch the film.
A group of young actors staged a funny comedy, the spirit of the commendable. I heard the director had mortgaged his house in order to make the film.
I believe that the box office will not let the Director have no house to live, but also absolutely red not where to go.
The whole film reveals the taste of small production, the performance of the actors in general, the plot is general, look boring.
The film actor performance is fair, the actor some performance slightly jerky, do not know is not the script has no room to play the relationship.
1, known as "have a head".
2, through the theme of comedy, this year is still fresh.
3, a bunch of young actors, no handsome, but there are beautiful women.
1, the script is boring. Although the subject matter is good, but not expressive enough, there is no impact.
2, the performance of the general, the protagonist will also be, supporting some places really do not hard, pay less?
3, advertised as a comedy, but the laughter is not much, funny bridge segment is one of the reasons for the old.
Remark Comments:
In this year's comedy market, there should be no "Sui Dynasty visitors" place, it is not very good, this film, not to see.

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"Film critics" and visitors from the Sui Dynasty

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