Final Comment II

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Review each group in the order shown in the class: (Performance, functionality, UI, deployment)

1, nice!

Project: About Run software

The response of the software operation is very fast, the two people can realize the timely delivery of the message when chatting. Features include: Register account, login, create/delete running plan (choose location and Time), Jos, communication between the two sides, meet the basic requirements of the run. The time setting is slightly more difficult, and other operations are simple. The interface is simple, the layout is reasonable, the background is beautified, belonging to the small fresh style. Solved the problem that our group put forward the text multi-squeeze no avatar and exit incomplete. The display uses a camera projection to improve the presentation, but the camera has jitter. Suggestion: Can realize many people meet, multi-person communication (similar and QQ group), chat can be published sentiment.

2, flying daughter police

Item: Gift Selection Tool

Software operations respond quickly but response times are affected by the network environment. Features include: Registration login, personal center, pick gifts, common recipient files and other functions, to meet the basic needs of gift selection. The software is simple to operate and requires no guidance. The interface attracts people, the style is very good, only has the part background color darker, affects the visual effect. Show the time on the blackboard drawing on the project ideas to explain, let people have a further understanding of the project, the biggest surprise is the team's creativity, software is very practical. You can show more features of the software. Suggestion: can provide more gift recommendation, the background can be beautified again.

3. Golden State Warriors

Project: Examination System

Software operations respond quickly but response times are affected by the network environment. Features include: login, password change, online training/exams, test paper/test questions management and other functions to meet the needs of online exams. The software has many functions, is very practical and easy to operate. Simple interface, in line with the online test system style. The presentation of the project to re-tell the function and meaning, let us have a further understanding of the project, the focus of this improvement is to separate the teacher and the administrator's authority. The presentation of the time can be more vivid, the effect will be better. The software is fully functional and has no suggestions for the time being.

4. New Bee

Item: Game Tetris

The response of the software operation is very quick, the change of the opponent block is smooth. The main functions are: small box deformation and movement, scoring, grade, ranking, floor color change, cheating and other functions, simple operation, is a very good game. This project is greatly improved, the interface has been beautified, there is a picture of the class can be used as a background image to use, very memorable. When the graphics block is improved, it will have a yellow background projection, and the color of the block will change as the series accumulates. But the presentation of the idea is more jumping. Recommendation: Add sound to music and special operations.

5. Day up

Project: Game Watching

The software operation responds quickly and the theme changes quickly. Features include: theme, elimination, background music, special effects card, level difficulty and other functions, the same is a very good game. However, the game requires users to have a certain speed of operation. The new special effects card features are very creative, the game will have a bright avatar appears, after a certain time can be changed position. When you click on the highlighted avatar and remove it, you'll get one of the reset cards and the double card. You can reset and increase the score. Resolves an issue where the switch theme is not a polyline when the avatar is not completely replaced and the line is removed. Suggestion: Change the background, the effect may be a little better.

6, fight, brother.

Project: Food chain Teaching Tools

The software operation responds quickly, such as a scene switch. Features include: Select Scene, add/Customize Add mobs, manual connection, delete biology/food chain, generate/delete all food chain, show food chain number/longest chain/shortest chain, background music and other functions, is an auxiliary teaching tool, practical very strong. Simple interface, reasonable layout. Operation problems can be solved by using the instruction manual. Show when there are two people, a explain, an operation, the idea is very good, but not enough tacit understanding. Recommendation: A little more bio-type, the main interface can be maximized.

Summary: Each group shows a very good work in the final release, and has made great progress.

Final Comment II

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