Finally, the sigmatel high definition audio codec driver is successfully installed.

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Since the last time the system was reinstalled, the driver of the sigmatel high definition audio codec device was not installed. It has been plagued for several months. To watch movies and listen to music, you must switch to Linux, fortunately, this problem was finally solved today and I wrote it to myself:

If the driver was not installed in the past, I went online to find a method. The solutions provided by enthusiastic netizens were the same: "Install patches ", I installed the two patches introduced by netizens again and again-kb888111 and kb835221. However, the sound card never works properly.

Because I have a driver on my computerProgramSo I never thought about downloading another driver to install it. Download Page: Id = 60826 & para80 = 1 & para81 = 1 & para89 = 0 ). After the download and installation are complete, the sound card can finally work, and finally you can see the familiar small speaker icon.

I don't know if there are any other friends who are still troubled by this problem. I hope this articleArticleIt is helpful to you.

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