Finally, we have completed the major blog revision! Pai_^

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After nearly five hours, I finally completed the biggest revision since my blog was created. I learned a lot from my friends online. added personal photos, profiles, and email contact information, clock, calendar, and weather forecast queries. It also changed the style of the interface.
Looking at my work without any intention at in the morning, the whole person seemed to have refreshed a lot.
Guangzhou has been cooling down, and everyone is in the bed. I should not be able to feel it, but I have become "Yangcheng winter cold jackei Xianzhi", ^ _ ^ it's cool!

It was a success, and it was time to go to bed. The next two days will continue to decrease the temperature. Yesterday, the house had a heavy snow after 20 centimeters, and winter was coming. friends who saw this post pay attention to their bodies and the revolutionary capital! Pai_^

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