Financial examination Difficulty Analysis (FRM, CFA, CFP, Ciia, CPA, ACCA)

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First of all, the CIIA includes six parts, and the CFA includes 10 parts, you can go to the 17CFA forum above the specific understanding of the CFA,CIIA words is China's Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, the CFA is Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Chengdu have a test! This is more miscellaneous! CFA is a big cover for finance! Divided into three levels! Every June level 123 exam, December is the Level 1 exam! According to current talent demand and recognition, the CFA is far greater than CIIA

CFA qualifications are awarded to a wide range of professionals in various investment areas, including fund managers, securities analysts, financial directors, investment advisers, investment bankers, traders, etc.

CIIA certificate holders are suitable for the brokerage industry, investment analysis, corporate finance, investment banking and other work.

Pass the third level exam
Three years of work experience recognized by CFA Association. Include: Collection, assessment and application of financial, economic and statistical data in investment decision-making processes such as financial analysis, investment management, and securities analysis, direct or indirect supervisor of other activities, teaching and training in the above investment decision-making activities, etc. The Investment Management and Research Association requires CFA-certified applicants to spend more than 40% of their time working on the above, with no recognition of work experience between vacation, part-time and internship. The accumulation of work experience can be before, during or after the CFA exam. The CFA Association's membership requirements (most of which are professional conduct and ethical requirements) and apply to be a member of the CFA Association.

The actuary is very difficult to test, of course, the gold content is high. It takes a very good mathematical basis to be possible. When you open a course, you will generally have an actuarial lesson.

Financial examination Difficulty Analysis (FRM, CFA, CFP, Ciia, CPA, ACCA)

The financial field is the core of modern economy, the economic growth should be driven by funds and resources, and gradually turn to innovation, knowledge and technology pull, must deal with the relationship between financial innovation and national innovation system

In the financial industry, in addition to the macro-management functions of the Central Bank and other institutions, the nature of the rest of the institutions are enterprises, in this sense, a country's financial innovation itself is an integral part of national innovation activities, the financial industry with its own finance product innovation, management innovation and service innovation for other business enterprises services.

In view of the importance of the financial industry to the development of the country, the knowledge level and ability of the personnel in the finance profession must be improved first, therefore, the introduction of foreign advanced knowledge system to enrich the shortcomings of our financial knowledge, but also promote the foreign Financial Industry Association and the domestic education industry cooperation, and jointly increase the strength of financial talent explosion, Catch up with the continuous lack of talent in the footsteps.

Now in the financial industry in the recruitment of the conditions, a few of the more common certificate is almost always the international certification Class certificate, which also shows that the pace of our enterprises is not only to look at the domestic, more want to see in the international, and, in the long run, a company in the training of talent, can not only think of a ten years may change , but also hope to see ten years later, so, the international leading knowledge system of the interviewer is the first to be recruited into the company's work, especially the major banks.

Below we divide the difficulty of this kind of certificate of financial examination into 10 levels, we can analyze the difficulty of the following exams, according to their career development and life goals to choose:

1, frm-Six, the International Risk Management certificate, the banking system is more recognized, the gold content medium, test up relatively fast, the fastest can be half a year, assault assault or easy to obtain.

2, cfa-Nine, the International Financial Analysis certificate, high gold content, recognition at home and abroad, the test is relatively high, the examination costs in general, English requirements of four can be, the CFA work is very rich, the CFA examination at the same time known as the financial community "golden collar" is also known as "Wall Street entry volume." If you're working in an investment bank, whether it's a fund manager or an IBD worker, you can earn millions of dollars a year. Why is it that everyone wants to be a fund manager after the CFA exam, for the simple reason that this is a veritable machine for making a fortune? You may be shocked by the total CEO pay of the six largest U.S. banks last year, but they all add up to a 31-year-old hedge fund trader who earned a staggering $119 million last year. If the language and opportunity costs are thrown aside, there is no CPA difficulty.

3, acca-Eight, international accountants, but test a lot of financial analysis knowledge, so the overall is very high, domestic is also very recognized. But want to sign in domestic accounting, still have CPA, because domestic and foreign accounting standards are different. into a foreign company is good. In addition, this exam is also very expensive, there is the ACCA is also good for studying abroad.

4, cpa-Eight, the domestic accounting qualification certificate, high degree of difficulty and high recognition, the national hundreds of thousands of people are in the examination, it is very difficult to test. From the cost of input is still relatively possible, but career development is not as bright as the CFA.

5, ciia-Seven, the domestic financial Analysis certificate, the examination is very expensive, with the CFA almost, 230,000 RMB. Domestic accreditation can also be, need to first test the securities practitioners qualification of five doors to test.

Financial examination Difficulty Analysis (FRM, CFA, CFP, Ciia, CPA, ACCA)

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