Find the "desktop" tile where the Win8 start interface disappears

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The Windows 8 Start screen features a variety of colorful tiles, where the "desktop" tile displays the current Windows traditional desktop wallpaper, which you can click to switch to the familiar Windows traditional desktop. If some friends find the "desktop" in the Win8 Start screen is missing, it will certainly feel very inconvenient. How do we find the "desktop" tiles that disappear from the Win8 start screen?

Icon: "Desktop" tile on the Win8 start screen

Reset the Win8 "desktop" tile to the Start screen

In most cases, the "desktop" tile on the Win8 start screen disappears because the tile is set to "cancel from the start screen." The problem is easy to solve. Just click the right mouse button at the Win8 Start screen, or long press the touch screen to exhale the bottom of the Operation command bar, click "All Applications", and then in Win8 all the application list to find "desktop" application, right click, from the bottom of the action bar select it "fixed to the Start screen" can be.

Icon: Exhale the Operation command bar at the bottom of the Win8 interface, click "All Apps"

Diagram: Find the "desktop" application and choose to "pin it to the start screen".

Back to the Win8 start screen, we can see the missing "desktop" tiles back at the right end. We can drag it to our accustomed position.

Icon: Win8 "desktop" tile restore

Restore Win8 "desktop" shortcuts

If you find that there is no "desktop" icon in the "All Apps" list, it is possible that with some third-party system tools, we can copy a "desktop" shortcut from someone else's Win8 system to solve the problem.

The location of the desktop application shortcut is hidden, and it is saved under the system disk: programdatamicrosoftwindows[Start Menu programs.

Diagram: The folder location where the desktop shortcut is located

Of course, we can also search using the keyword "desktop" in the Win8 file Explorer.

Icon: Search for Win8 "desktop" shortcuts

If you find your Win8 computer missing a "desktop" shortcut, find a "desktop" shortcut on your friend's Win8 computer and copy it to your computer's location.

Diagram: Copy Win8 "desktop" shortcuts

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