Find usage, yum configuration

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Find Lookup Scope parameters

Example: Find/-name ' *.txt* '

1. Wildcard characters can be used;

2.-perm: Used to find files with a specific set of permissions;

Example: find-perm-004 (-represents matching each,/represents matching one of them)

3.-size: The representative knows the file size

Example: Find-size 10M (+ represents greater than,-represents less than)

4.-mmin: Plus minutes to represent time

Example: find-mmin-120(+ represents greater than,-represents less than)

5.-type: Representative type (f: File D: Directory L: Soft link B: Block device)

Example: Find/etc-type F

6.-links: Add a number on the option to find all files with a specific number of hard links

Example: Find/type f-links-1

7. Can add-exec adding operation

Example: Find/etc-name *.conf-exec cp {}/root/backup \;

(\; End format is fixed)


After you create a user delete user, you can no longer create;

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Into the/home/myuser found and did not delete clean;

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The search is completely deleted by looking at the ID of MyUser;

Use command: Find/uid 1002-exec rm-rf {} \;

You can create it after you have completely deleted it.

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Yum Source (take the virtual machine on VMware as an example):

2.vim Myrepo.repo


Name=my Repo



Gpgcheck=0(not checked)

(or you can generate it yourself by Yum-config-manager--add-repo=file:///mnt/cdrom, but you'll need to go inside the repo file to add the Gpgcheck option)

3.yum Clean All

4.yum Makecache (Clear Cache)

5.yum-y Install httpd (-y means no more queries during installation)

6.rpm-qa | grep httpd

7.RPM-E httpd (uninstall)

Attached:RPM package Format: httpd-2.4.6-7.el7.x86_64.rpm

HTTPD: Package Name

2.4.6:2: Major version number; 4: Minor version number (odd in development, even more stable); 6: Modified version

7: Internal revision, seventh time

EL7: Forget it.

X86_64: Architecture

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Find usage, yum configuration

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