Finereport report How to perform data visualization analysis

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1, b/s data source configuration

Start the Web server (FR project is deployed under the Web server, the port number is the corresponding Web server port number, such as Tomcat, the port number is 8080, if not deployed, the port number is FR built-in server port number 8075, the following is the case of Tomcat), Login data decision system with Administrator account Op=fs, after successful landing, click Management System >b/s Global configuration > Data configuration, add data set analysis data source such as "number of employees", select Server DataSet Employee Information table

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Note: The data source provides both semantic conversion and automatic inter-table correlation. The data source in the B/s data source configuration can be either a data connection defined in the designer or a server dataset, and the definition of the server dataset can refer to the document server DataSet.

2. Add Data Analysis Table

New b/S analysis catalog

Add a sub-node in Management System > Report Management b/S analysis, detailed steps see Add a report directory

Add data analysis in B/s analysis directory

In front of the new B/S Analysis directory node, the following need to add a new data analysis under the node, detailed steps to see the addition of data analysis, such as the successful addition of data analysis: Employee Information table:

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Add a data source

Click to open the report decision platform (OP=FS) >B/S Analysis > Employee Information Sheet, add new data analysis to it,

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The effect is as follows

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Main body Design

After you add a data source, as shown, a table formed by the data source automatically appears at the far right of the page, where you can design the main body of the new analysis.

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Here, the data source and the new data analysis are done, and the next step is to do a detailed analysis of the data, such as documentation examples.

Gender dimension analysis by sector

The distribution of male and female workers in various departments, through the theory of enterprise management, enterprise technology, engineering, information and other technical departments of the male staff proportion to a little larger, customer service, Human Services and other departments of the female staff proportion slightly larger, this is conducive to the development of enterprises. Then through the following analysis, you can get the status of the enterprise, found that the Ministry of Technology, Engineering Department of female staff ratio is higher than the male staff, in the future for a period of time, the personnel in the recruitment, more people consider male, female staff can be appropriately reduced, such as analysis of the situation

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Finereport report How to perform data visualization analysis

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