Finereport scenarios that are integrated into AWS systems

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I implemented the Beijing Yan Huang Ying of the BPM and OA system, the main goal is to control and manage business processes, accelerate Oracle JDE business front-end recording speed and make up for JDE in the process control deficiencies, to achieve BPM data and JDE seamless integration, after 3 months of development, Basically achieved this goal.

But AWS itself is flawed, mainly in the form design and print format design, unable to achieve a flexible and complex format like Excel form, header footer Repeat printing, installation of user-defined paper printing and so on, our sales front-end need to follow a special paper printing, printer standard paper does not, These feature requirements are required for on-line, but AWS developers are simply not able to complete them within their systems.

Given the great flexibility and ease of use of finereport in form design printing, we've done this with Finereprot and AWS.

Effect--aws Sales Print form

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Development configuration

System integration: Integrate Finereport into the directory of AWS Services. AWS is installed on a Linux system, find AWS Web Services Directory WebApps, copy the Webreport directory under the Finereport directory to this directory, you can implement the Web report with AWS same host, do not need to make any changes to the AWS configuration, Upload an overlay after the report has been modified. Integrated access is: HTTP:// and AWS Address host/HTTP/

Report Development

Create report data source, develop report and format No, everyone can go to the Sail Soft official website ( and help document ( on their own to see, very simple.

Deploy reports to AWS servers

Copy the Webreport directory under the Finereport directory to the AWS Server AWS directory under WebApps.

Form integration

The key to form integration is to pass a serial number parameter from the AWS table one-way Finereport report, and then call the Finereport report to print, which is achieved from AWS in a variety of scenarios, including form links and Java links, after many experiments and developments, A simple, easy-to-maintain form linking scheme was selected.

The implementation process of the program is as follows:

1. Add a Print button on the AWS form and select a drop-down box for the print format;

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2. Add JavaScript functions to the AWS form, create a frame opened in a new window with JavaScript, and use the frame's source URL parameter to pass the address of the Finereport report and pass the AWS serial number parameter to the report;

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Added JavaScript content:

<scripttype= "Text/javascript" >


Functionquery ()


Create the window on the first click Andreuse on subsequent clicks

Varsid=document.getelementsbyname ("Awsflowid") [0].value;

Gets the parameter AWS process number;

Varobj=document.getelementbyid ("Dyxz");

Get report format;

var Xzz=obj.value;

Varurl= "http:/" "/webreport/reportserver?reportlet=aws/xiaoshoudan";

Finereport the URL portion of a report

url=url+xzz+ ". Cpt";

URL plus report Format section, the implementation of 5 forms of report links, constitute a complete URL;

if (sid!=null) url=url+ "&lsh=" +SID;

var h= "<iframe name=mainsrc=" +url+ "frameborder=1 width=100% height=100% scrolling=yesonload=" ></iframe > ";

if (!mapwin) {

Open a new window, link to the Finereport report

Mapwin = new Ext.window ({

Layout: ' Fit ',

Title: ' Sales Singles ',

Closeaction: ' Hide ', width:1000,



} ();}


3. Run the program from AWS, invoke the Finereport report, and implement the form to print in the required format.

4. After sales order, click Print Form

Finereport scenarios that are integrated into AWS systems

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