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Let 1000 people from all over the world work together to write a novel or paper? M $ office? No. Can openoffice? No.Google DocsYes! Now you only need a gmail mailbox and a Firefox browser to run the office locally, common features such as m $ office, openoffice, abiword, and gnumeric, as well as collaborative office functions that cannot be implemented by local office. You can also use a mailbox that is not at the end of @, such as a;, but must be registered on the Google account registration page to use; in addition, use a non-gmail mailbox login google docs, the user name must be a complete email address.

Firefox online office

First you need to register a gmail mailbox, and then log on to the through the mail account and password to enable online document editing function, enter the interface after the default language is english (us), you can set to simplified Chinese through settings.

Firefox offline Office

The network is disconnected, and there is no local office. How do you want me to work?

Do not worry. Install a gearsplug-in at the plug-in at is only applicable to Firefox V2.x. x Series. During installation, make sure that the default language of the docs interface is english (us). After all the installation is complete and the local and network documents are synchronized, switch to the simplified Chinese language. When the network is disconnected, You can edit it offline in Firefox. When the network is connected, you can connect it for synchronization.After the offline office plug-in is installed successfully, a green "√" will be added to the right of the email address")

Now, we can finally take Abiword and gnumeric from Barbie out, go to win, and kill msoffice.

Thanks to Firefox + gmail + Google Docs cross-platform collaborative office documents from OwnLinux: sasaqqdan. For more information, see the original article Firefox + gmail >>> Word + Excel + Powerpoint !!!

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