Firefox 6 will be released next week

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As Google Chrome has upgraded to the Chrome 14 version, Mozilla is also starting to accelerate its new version, and from the latest roadmap, Mozilla will release Firefox's latest version of Firefox 6 next week, while Firefox 6 of the arrival distance from the previous version of Firefox 5 only 2 months, and Firefox 4 is not officially released this March 21, that is, in the past six months, Firefox has updated two significant version.

From the current situation, including Firefox browser version of the update speed also began to accelerate, for users also need to adapt to the fast pace of browser manufacturers, but the enterprise users to consider the pace of such a rapid update for its deployment is a more troublesome thing. The Firefox 6 itself brings more performance improvements and enhancements to the user.

Firefox 6 has better privilege control and faster start-up speed, and better performance under Linux, and plug-in management tools have been updated to support the HTML5 specification is also more perfect. Firefox 4 and Firefox 5 users will soon be notified of the update, the current Firefox browser 48% of users in the use of Firefox 5, and Firefox 4 of the user ratio is only 11%.

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