Firefox began to protect users' cookies.

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By default, Firefox automatically enables cookies. This will enable Network advertisers to collect and monitor user information. Recently, Stanford Law School Student and online privacy activist Jonathan Maye submitted a patch to Firefox to prevent some advertisers from accessing cookies in users' browsers. Firefox also releases the patch to its browser version. This means that Firefox, like Apple's Safari browser, has begun to resist violations of users' privacy on the Internet.

In fact, when you access a website, the browser automatically saves some Cookie information that can be recognized by remote computers. Once the information is mastered by advertisers, they can use this information to accurately advertise to you. However, people in the legal profession believe that such Cookie information should fall into the category of personal privacy just like personal interests. Therefore, users' Cookie information should be protected.

A Cookie is a digital identifier that allows a site to store your information, such as the content of your online shopping cart. By setting cookies, a third-party advertising network can track users' browsing activities and place advertisements on all websites.

Some Advertisers expressed strong dissatisfaction with the action of Firefox, which may be a disaster in the online advertising industry.

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