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A lot of users are reflected, Firefox 3.5 startup speed is very slow, then, Firefox 3.5 startup slow How to do it? below, and small weave together to see Firefox browser 3.5 start slow solution.

Firefox browser

First type:

Firefox 3.5 called a lot of temporary files, including the temporary directory, the history directory and the recent document directory, Firefox through these temporary files to increase the randomness of random calculation, but unexpectedly led to the slow start speed performance problems.

Firefox is developing a patch to solve this problem, but the user can also handle it manually, which is to delete the relevant temporary files.

The directory for temporary files includes:

C:documents and Settings*user*local Settingshistory

C:documents and settings*user*local settingstemporary Internet Files

C:documents and Settings*user*my Recent Documents

C:documents and Settings*user*temp

Users can also remove temporary files by simply clicking Programs-"Attachments"-"System Tools"-"Disk Cleanup." (VIA)

After this operation, you can see Firefox 3.5 startup speed seems to be faster, but with Google chrome, ie to compare, Firefox 3.5 is still the slowest startup speed, Google Chrome startup speed is very fast, But because there is no plug-in system, so this comparison is not particularly fair.

The second type:

It says that Firefox 3.5 started too slow, probably because IE generates too many temp files.

1, please do not open ie in the case of the following script

@echo off

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%local settingshistory*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%local settingstemporary Internet files*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%my Recent documents*"

del/f/s/q "%userprofile%temp*"

rd/s/q "%userprofile%local settingshistory*"

rd/s/q "%userprofile%local settingstemporary Internet files*"

rd/s/q "%userprofile%my Recent documents*"

rd/s/q "%userprofile%temp*"

If there's something you can't erase, it's OK.

2, run over, and then clear the history of IE, all can be cleared away.

(IE8, other similar) click on the IE window tools →internet options → general → browsing history → Click Delete

Strange, isn't it? Firefox start slow How is it related to IE? because when Firefox 3.5 starts, Windows version of Firefox v3.5 needs to read Internet Explorer cache and Windows Temp folder, All the font files are also scanned.

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