Firefox's new P2P plug-in sparked a blog Discussion

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Although Firefox's newest extension plug-in has not yet been officially released, the global blog has already begun a heated discussion about it. AllPeers developed a peer-to-peer tool plug-in for the open-source Firefox browser, claiming that it was the best tool plug-in developed since the birth of Firefox. The company said on its homepage: "AllPeers, a free plug-in, can combine the powerful features of Firefox with the efficiency of BitTorrent software to enable Firefox to share media ." According to the company, the plug-in will be publicly available soon, and the company has posted a user interface showing the tool on its home page.

In recent days, this plug-in has aroused great interest in the industry. According to Technorati, a blog search engine, more than 50 blog articles discussed the AllPeers plug-in yesterday. The US Blog B. D. is particularly excited about the plug-in. He said this plug-in can increase the number of Firefox browsers, and more IE users will switch to Firefox. He said in a blog post published on Thursday: "This is an exciting news. Firefox will enter a field and realm that IE has always wanted to achieve ." He said: "using a peer-to-peer network, Firefox browser can make full use of the openness brought by this function to trigger the number of users, and Firefox browser will increase the number of users ." Many other blogs also believe that this plug-in will increase Firefox's market share. The blog JonnyGuru said on Thursday: "It's like AllPears gave us another reason to use Firefox ." Some blogs are still skeptical about the plug-in. MikeLinksvayer said he did not want to comment on the software before it was obtained, because it may be just "A Dream ".

Another blog warned that the relationship with peer network file sharing may damage the reputation of Firefox. He said: "I am afraid that the same network peers or P2P may cause misunderstandings for many people who are not familiar with Firefox browsers, which may have a negative impact on the reputation of Firefox browsers ." In addition to the English country blog, blogs from other language countries are also interested in the plug-in, blogs from China, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Spain also discussed the AllPeers plug-in.

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