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As we all know, fireworks is a multi-functional application that creates, edits, and optimizes web images, but it can be used as a powerful image-processing software in addition to making Web pages. The two seal effects in Figure 3 and Figure 4 are designed using it, and the method is simple, with a square seal as an example to introduce its production process.

Authoring tool: Fireworks MX 2004

Chinese version

1. Execute Fireworks program, create a new document, width and height are set to 160 pixels, the canvas color is set to white.

2. First draw the edge part of the seal. Click the Toolbox's Rectangle tool button, hold down the Shift key, and drag and drop a square in the editing area with the mouse, and then set its properties. The fill option selects none; the edge color is set to red, type Select the "Fluid Splash" type in the "unnatural" option, and the width of the line must be set to 2 or 3 pixels, and for the texture options you can choose what you think is most appropriate, where I choose "Wood grain" (as shown in Figure 1). Now look at your editing area, have you seen the stamp line?

Fig. 1 The effect chart of the sideline

3. Click on the "Type" tool button, with the mouse in the previous step set the completion of the red line drag and drop out of the text input area, type "creative space" four words. The size of the font should be based on the size of the square seal drawn, so that it can just fit all the text in. As for the choice of text font, this is a seal effect of an important setting, the font in the Windows font is not able to meet the needs, in order to achieve lifelike ancient seal effect, we can download some archaic, traditional font, put it into the Windows directory in the "font" folder can be. Figure 2 uses "mini fan Fang", in addition "Wen Ding gu Yin traditional" or "Great Wall Ancient India traditional" effect is also very good.

Figure 2 Effect after entering text

4. Arrange text, first select the text object, perform the convert to path command on the Text menu, and then proceed to the Ungroup command on the Modify menu to dissolve the group relationship with the text that has been converted to the Path object. At this point, you can use the mouse to drag and drop the position of each text freely. In this way, you can design a variety of shapes of the seal.

5. The seal effect of the text is set. Select any character, as with the stamp edge line setting, to set the Fill option to none, and to set the type to the same "splash" type as the stamp edge line, while the line width is set to only 1 pixels. The color setting is the key to this step, when you choose red, the "stroke relative to Path" option is changed from the default "path" to "centered on path", otherwise your font colors will spread outwards and blur (as shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3 Complete the effect chart

After this five-step simple setup, a beautiful seal is leaps. Figure 4 shows the style of the seal, you can try it on your own, as long as the polygon instead of the square, and then the color of the parts in turn to set it. Quickly design a seal of your own, add it to the end of the electronic manuscript, will certainly give your article a lot of color. Or you can, like me, print it out and then plastic it, a chic bookmark was born.

Fig. 4 China printing

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