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Fireworks has a powerful vector drawing function, in the previous example, we use fireworks to draw Santa Claus, Kitty Kitty and dog desktop, today we will use it to draw a 2006 spring Festival send rooster to greet the dog cartoon desktop, in the Spring Festival will be the day, whether it is to give a friend such a new Year's greetings or own collection will make us very happy. The following is to explain the whole process of making such a greeting card.

In this example, we used the vector path tool for fireworks to draw some vector cartoon images. Fireworks is very powerful in drawing cartoon images, and by using some of its predetermined shapes we can easily transform a variety of effects to achieve our needs. In this example, the cartoon image is almost always drawn using an elliptical tool, and the combination of the vector shape tool and the Pen tool allows us to draw any vector shape and the edges have a good radian.
In addition, in this example, we also use the normal freeform tool to adjust the curvature of the line to draw the curve, which is also a way to draw the curve, which requires readers to carefully grasp its usage.
Finally need to say, feather, luminous and other effects of proper use, can make the image effect icing on the cake, this example of the star background, chicken mouth and four small balls are used to these effects. With these details in hand, the reader will be able to make the most of his imagination and create the image he wants. The end of the article provides the original document for everyone to download reference.

1. First we start to draw the background image of the dog cartoon.
Create a new image in fireworks with a size of 1024x768, set the canvas color to #ffb001, and get the background image shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1 New File

2. Next, with some landscaping on the background, we use the Star tool on the toolbox to hold down the SHIFT key to draw a pentagram and set its fill color to white, as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2 Drawing a pentagram

3. Set its edge to feather in the properties panel of the pentagram, feather size


Figure 3 Drawing multiple Pentagram

4. Make some lovely crystal balls below. Click the Oval tool on the toolbox, and hold down the SHIFT key while drawing a circle on the canvas, noting that you do not need to set strokes for the circle. Select the fill type as a linear fill in the Properties panel, select Dark Green in the first block of the fill color, select light Green in the second block, and adjust the joystick, and finally get the image shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4 Draw a circular and linear fill

5. Adjusts the image display scale so that you can perform details. Similarly, draw another circle, the size is slightly smaller than the circle just now. , set its fill to a solid fill. Then draw a rectangle and select both the rectangle and the circle, as shown in Figure 5.


Figure 5 Selecting both the Circle and the rectangle

6. Click on the "Modify" menu, select "Combined path" | "Punch" to get the image shown in Figure 6.


Fig. 6 The image obtained after punching holes

4 Select a linear fill in the fill category in its property panel by selecting the path after the hole is punched. Set the first color block to white, use the color Picker tool to set the color of the second color block below the circle (you can use the Eyedropper tool to select the color), and adjust the direction of the handle to get the image shown in Figure 7.


Figure 7 Setting the path fill color

8. Use the Ellipse tool to draw an ellipse, set its fill type to a radial fill, the first color block to white, the second color block to the bottom circle color, and the image shown in Figure 8.


Figure 8 Drawing an ellipse and selecting a radial fill

9. Select the ellipse, set its edge to feather in the property panel, and set its feather value to 67 to get the image shown in Figure 9.


Figure 9 feathering the edge of an ellipse

10. Then use the rectangular tool and the Ellipse tool to draw the rings and connectors out of the ball, as shown in Figure 10.


Figure 10 drawing rings and connectors

11. Combine the various parts of the small ball that you just plotted to get back to the zoom. Copy the grouped objects several times, place them in the right place, and add a straight segment to each ball (drawn with the line tool on the toolbox), as shown in Figure 11.


Figure 11 Copy the ball and add a line

12. For a different ball, select it to ungroup it, adjust the gradient color to a different color, and get four balls of the same color, as shown in Figure 12.


Figure 12 Adjusting the color of the ball

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