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Tutorial Fireworks is one of the tools for Web making software developed by Macromedia Company.

In drawing, fireworks combines the features of bitmap and vector graphics processing, not only with complex image processing functions, but also with the ability to easily output graphics to flash,dreamweaver and third party applications.

In Web page production, fireworks can quickly create a variety of interactive dynamic effects for graphics, both in the image production or in the support of the web has a good performance.

With the continuous upgrading of the version, the continuous enhancement of the function, fireworks are more and more image web makers of the favor. The latest version of fireworks MX 2004 Chinese version is its convenient and efficient operation mode, and bitmap editing, vector graphics processing and GIF animation production functions of many excellent integration, won many praise.

In order to enable more beginners to master fireworks as soon as possible, the editor selected the fireworks MX 2004 Chinese version as the blueprint for a series of tutorials to explain, hoping to learn fireworks for everyone to help.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (1): Interface

    In the first part, let's take a look at the operating interface of the fireworks MX 2004 Chinese version.

      First, create a new document second, the working interface of fireworks   
      third, the introduction of image files Four, modify the canvas Five, grid and auxiliary line      

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (2): Drawing tools

    and many of the mainstream image processing software, fireworks drawing tools are mainly focused on the " Tool bar. These tools allow you to draw a variety of shapes and set properties for them, such as color, size, location, and so on. A number of new tools are added to the toolbar of the
    Fireworks MX 2004, and are organized into six categories with the original tools: Selection area, bitmap, vector, Web, color, and view area. Some tool buttons have a small triangle in the lower right corner, which means that the tool contains several different tools, and holding down the tool button will show other tools. Let's start by introducing the bitmap area's drawing tools.

    article guide:
    1, constituency tool
    2, Free Brush tool
    3, image modification tool
    4, color fill tool

    5, Rubber Stamp Tool series
    6, Path tool
    7, Path modification tool
    8, Shape Tools

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (3): Vector editing

    Like many vector editing software, vector objects drawn in fireworks are much more modifiable than bitmap objects. Therefore, in the absence of material mapping, more often is made into vector graphics, to facilitate the save at any time, editing. The object's edits include selection, movement, padding, rotation, and distortion of the object, and so on.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (4): Effects and styles

    In order to achieve better graphics processing effect, in fireworks can also be used for the image of a variety of effects. Especially in the production of Web buttons, the use of these special effects will make the button image more beautiful, more stereoscopic. And a graphic object can be processed repeatedly with multiple effects, and the results of these effects can be saved as a style. Therefore, the style is a set of various special effects in a "combination effect."

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (5): Text editing

    Fireworks provides us with a powerful text design function for the input and settings of text to provide a professional text editing function, you can easily input text such as font, size, shape, fill, stroke, distance up and down, custom anti-aliasing and other operations.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (6): Animation production

    The realization of GIF animation, is by a picture in a different time period of rapid display, because the human eye has 0.1 seconds of visual retention, so the image looks like a move up. And each picture is called "frame", it is the basic unit that composes the animation. GIF animation for the Web page to add a lot of lively, complex and changeable graphic elements, so GIF animation in the production of web pages are widely used, and even people like the QQ dynamic expression is mostly GIF animation.
    Fireworks are a great tool for making GIF animations, and this is part of a look at the animation features of the fireworks MX 2004.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (7): Image output

    In fireworks, the default save format for images is. PNG file, the file is the most likely to save fireworks in the drawing of various graphics objects, slices of related properties and information, so as to the image file again to edit the maximum operability, in addition to the output of the file format commonly used in GIF, GIF animation, BMP, JPEG and so on. Let's look at the output methods and setup options for these formats in more detail.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (8): Dynamic button

    In the previous chapters we had a glimpse of fireworks MX 2004 's outstanding performance on image rendering. Starting with this chapter, we will learn about the powerful features of fireworks MX 2004 in Web support. Let's start with the creation of a dynamic button.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (9): Image Transformation
    Image transformation technology is often used in Web pages, that is, when the mouse moves to an image or button, it will trigger another graphic display. In fireworks, the principle of the image transformation is to make the graphic objects in a frame in the frame panel exchange with the images from any frame, so as to achieve the effect of graphic transformation in the Web browsing.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (10): Link Settings

    In fireworks, setting up a link area for an image is done by the slice or hotspot tool, so the slice or hotspot area is called the link area. Instead of being in the form of images, they appear as HTML code after the image is exported to a Web page format.

  • FW MX 2004 Tutorial (11): Automatic Operation

    In fireworks, the application of automation can save us many of the same steps in the process of image processing or Web page production, thus saving time and improving work efficiency effectively.

  • Fireworks FAQ

    Fireworks is a dreamweaver, Flash, as the famous web graphics production tool. In some of the current popular design forums are opened with fireworks discussion area, for users to learn fireworks to provide convenient. The author specially collected some common problems related to fireworks, after the editing and finishing here to give each solution, hoping to help the vast number of fireworks beginners.

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