Fireworks MX gouache character Special effect production

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In this section, we will learn how to make the special effects of gouache, first of all, we should look at the image shown below.

"Making Steps"

1, open our last section of the "Stereo mapping word" of the PNG file source files. As shown in the following figure.

2. Select the Mask combination object of the edit area, press the "Ctrl+shift+g" key combination, or click the Ungroup button on the toolbar so that you can quickly cancel the combined state of the mask combination object. The editing area's objects are shown in the following illustration.

3, you can find that the bitmap object is still displayed as the application of the Bevel boss filter after the effect of the property panel in the effect area, the effect can be directly deleted. Select the text object, press the "ctrl+x" key combination, select the Bitmap object, select menu command "Modify | mask | Combo Mask". The objects in the edit area are shown in the following illustration.

4. Select the Mask combination object in the edit area and select Eye Candy in the Effect menu on the Properties panel 4000| jiggle "Effect command, in the pop-up" jiggle "effect setting box in the following figure shown in the settings. Note that the value of the twist should be set as large as possible to make the final effect more realistic, and to select the check box in front of the seamless tile, you can also click the Random Seed button to obtain a random edge-handling effect.

Well, processing finished, a powder effect text has appeared in front of us. Take a look at the picture below.

This section of the content of the end, I hope you through the two consecutive text effects of the explanation, the use of masks and some eye Candy 4000 series of filters used to have a more in-depth understanding, but also hope that we can in the process of making full use of their rich imagination, System to make more wonderful text effects to share with us all.

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