Fireworks4.0 in the production of dashed-line effect strategy

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Strategy Fireworks is a design for the Web page graphics software, although compared to Photoshop and other professional-grade drawing software, its function is not very powerful, but as long as the use of clever, careful study, its function can still meet the various requirements of Web page image design.
Drawing dashes is a widely used technique in web design and other graphic design. In the Fireworks4.0, the use of Stroke panel, you can easily draw a wide range of line styles, but the stroke panel does not provide the option to directly draw the dotted line, before the author has been puzzled, after a study, and finally found some tips to draw a dotted line, do not dare to enjoy, contribute to the FW enthusiasts for a total With the exchange.
   one, single pixel dashed line drawing
Single-pixel dashed lines are easier to draw, so let's take a horizontal dashed line for example:
1, a new 300*300 pixel, background color selected white;
2. Open Tools toolbar, select Line tool or Pen tool (pen tool), hold down shift to draw a horizontal line (path) on the canvas;
3, confirm the line in the selected state, open Stroke panel;
4, stroke type selected as a pencil (pencil), and other related parameter settings as shown in the picture;
5, the following is the most important step, we want to fill the line texture, in the texture (texture) selection of line-vert3, transparency set to 100%;
6, now, our single pixel dashed line has been made.
Note: 1, in the texture options, select Line-vert, grid, Hatch, Line-diag and other series of lines of texture to fill the line, you can get the effect of the dotted line, interested friends can be a trial, choose their favorite dashed line effect; 2, make single pixel vertical line, Slash, the truth of the curve and the horizontal line is similar, choose Line-vert, Line-horiz, grid, Hatch, line-diag and other different textures to fill, try several times can get a variety of dashed effect.
   second, non-single pixel dashed line drawing
If you need a thicker dash, that is, the line width is more than one pixel, the method of filling with this texture is not, we can also use another method to achieve:
1, draw any line, make sure that the currently drawn lines are selected;
2. Open the Stroke Stroke panel, select the stroke type as a pencil (pencil), select the Color line (colored pencil) in the pencil stroke type below, and other parameter settings as shown in the figure;
3, click on the Small triangle button in the upper right corner of the panel, select the edit Stroke in the pop-up menu (edit stroke), and open the Edit Stroke Stroke dialog box;
4, in the Option tab, the main interval (spacing) parameters are set, here we set to 200%, other parameters set as shown in the figure, determine;
5, now we can see that a dashed line has been completed.
Note: 1, this method also includes the production of a single pixel dotted line, only the stroke panel in the stroke size (tip) set to 1, 2, in the edit stroke (Edit Stroke) dialog box, the parameters of the settings will affect the display of virtual lines, The main parameters are: The spacing parameter affects the spacing between the dots in the dotted line, and the tips parameter affects the edge feathering of the dots in the dotted line. You can get a number of different dashed stroke (stroke) effects as long as you make different combinations of the individual parameter settings in the dialog box.
3, when the spacing parameter is set, the slider can only drag the value to 100%, the need for a larger value, as long as the set box directly fill in the corresponding numeric value.
The technique of using firewrks to draw dashed effect is here, from this application example, we can get inspiration, to some software can not directly complete function application, we need to study hard, find many hidden skills, can be more flexible to use an application software.

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