First android Application, android Application

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First android Application, android Application

First open Eclipse and an AVD. In Eclipse, SELECT File → New → Project → Android Application Project

Click Next, as shown in.

Note: The Package names of the two applications cannot be the same, because the android mobile phone identifies the application based on the Package Name.

Click Next to enter the Configure Project, which is not modified by default.

Android applications can be divided into two types: one is to run on the mobile phone after development, and the other is used to support development of other applications after development, in this case, check "Mark this project as a library" for packaging.

Click Next and select the startup icon of the application.

Click Next to create an Activity and select Blank Activity.

Click Next to set the name of the Activity and layout file. By default

Click Finish to complete the creation. The Eclipse interface is as follows:

The gen directory is a generated java file, including BuildConfig. java and R. java. We 'd better not modify it by ourselves. It is automatically generated and updated by the ADT.

The assets Directory is used to store various resource files, such as audio, images, and videos.

The bin directory is used to store binary files.

The libs directory is used to store third-party jar files.

The res directory is also used to store various resource files, but the format is strictly defined. Each file is generated by Eclipse with an integer ID. When a resource file is called, an ID is used to represent a resource file.

AndroidMainifest. xml is the main configuration file of the entire application.

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