First assignment (I don't know if the teacher received it for the first time.

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Talk about how you think about stress, how to work with others, help others, turn stress into motivation, and grow in a mutually helpful environment.

Work pressure is to let a person better to grow and learn on the road will not on the thing, we should be good at converting pressure into power; I have cooperated with others many times, after many cooperation I think the other is not important, the most important thing is to cooperate with others sincerely treat their partners, such cooperation will be long-term, In the process of cooperation to continue to learn, make up for their shortcomings. It is also a kind of mentality to turn the pressure into motive force, to have positive and optimistic attitude, positive attitude towards life, so as to grow. In the mutual help of the time must have a selfless heart, do not care too much.

First assignment (I don't know if the teacher received it for the first time.

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