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Recently, I saw a message about Twitter's Database Change, which indirectly touched a new term: Cassandra.

Although I have also learned about nosql before, I have been engaged in mis-related development, and have not yet been able to access such a database.

This product is a product of Apache: Cassandra official homepage [English]

To put it simply, it is a distributed storage system ).

If you are interested, click here to view the distributed storage system Cassandra [blog].

Reference this blog post:

Nosql cannot be simply understood as "no SQL". Its essence should be "no relational". That is to say, it is not based on relational theory, all our traditional databases are developed based on this theory, so SQL is not the key to the problem. For example, some nosql databases can provide SQL interfaces, allow you to access data through SQL-like syntax. Friendfeed is the opposite. It uses relational database MySQL to implement its own keyValue storage. Therefore, nosql is essentially no relational. 

What I learned is. NET technology, so there is not much information for the moment, but some foreigners have already set up the environment and put it into development. If you are interested, please refer to the following connection.

. Net developer's Guide to getting started with Cassandra [English]

Note: Cassandra has a. NET platform driver.Program

Two websites are mentioned in this article and links are provided to facilitate searching.

Up and running with Cassandra [English]

WTF is a supercolumn? An intro to the Cassandra Data Model [English]

I will write it here for the time being. If you are free, you must study it carefully ......

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