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One of the most important trends in web design today is the use of large pictures. Not just the big ones, these giant pictures look like they're on the screen. Used at the top of the page, we often say that the first screen big picture.

How do you take advantage of this trend? What tools do you need to start with? In this article, we take a look at these first screen big picture, use their know-how, master this trend excellent web case, and even have to download research gifts.

What is the first screen big picture?

The first screen big picture, is on the homepage or other page top, uses the focus diagram, the text and the navigation element. The first screen large image is embodied in a variety of forms-as a picture or with a text map, a picture carousel, a fixed picture, a video, or a dynamic picture. Design style also includes realism and hand-painted.

The focus picture is the first thing you see on the site and its design is fascinating. It should have a strong focus and visual appeal.

The first screen large image plays a strong focus on the visual, usually relies on the concise font, the minimalist color, as well as the basic graphics composition of the interface elements. Most design elements are placed on the picture, and design strategies are often needed to ensure that the text fits into a specific location on the screen. In general, branding, navigation, and other tools are placed on the outer edge-typically at the top of the left and right two corners-to stay focused on the picture itself.

The big picture of the first screen is widely used in the design of various websites, which is almost suitable for any design style. This visually pleasing trend, in fact, requires just the same key thing-a stunning picture.

Tips for using the first screen big picture

Once you decide to use the first screen big picture, you should keep some points in mind when designing. The design is clean and the elements do not interfere with the main picture, Atlas, or video. In this kind of design, separating the various elements is essential. When you design focus pictures, remember these points:

Contains brands. Usually this will be placed in the upper left corner. Choose white or pure Black brand logo or logo, do not bring a lot of color.

Headlines and fonts should be sharp. Although the photos are large, the text is more helpful to attract users ' attention.

In terms of navigation elements and auxiliary elements, the word processing needs to be fine. Stick with a big picture and a piece of text, and let the rest fade out in a sense of design.

Pay attention to the choice of color. If you use a color picture, always use black or white to keep everything else. If the picture is black and white, choose a compact or single color for the text.

When you place text, do not obstruct the visual flow of the picture. Do not block the face or important parts of the picture.

Consider using large and slender fonts. (It is very easy to read)

Consider using the Phantom button to add a little refinement. (Learn more in the article before reading)

Use fixed navigation. Make it easier for users to scroll and browse the page. The first screen to carve a large map of the navigation, so that it can be applied both inside and outside the first screen.

The Dodge picture color helps highlight text. All text should be easy to read and play a role.

Deep design of the first screen big picture, let the user know what to do next-click or scroll. To include some visual cues. Remember, the big picture is not necessarily full of the screen;

Create a large first-screen image that can exist in a responsive environment. Think about how it unfolds on a small screen. What pictures and text should I show?

Illuminating case

Excellent first screen big picture cases are everywhere on the Internet. This group of cases includes the official on-line website and the work in progress.


If you're going to start with a big screen, there are usually two free resources available--a big picture or a painting that is made up of real pictures or 3D rendering. Depending on the specific project, each style works well.

When you download focus pictures, you should be aware of resolution (the picture is larger than the largest screen width), editable, file format, and Smart objects (if you want to move elements around). As with all free design elements, be sure to approve the license and follow the relevant terms. Free gifts can usually be used for personal items, but commercial projects need to be paid for and read all the details of any element before use.

2 free first screen big Picture Show

Flat style first screen big picture

2 Retro style first screen big picture

Creative material Set

Free Focus Map Resources

Paid Resources

Although there are many free resources, there are quite a lot of high-quality paid first screen large map resources. In a paid resource package, you may have more options. Happy shopping!

16 First Screen Large Figure Vol. 1 ($)

Food first screen large image template #3 ($)

87 first screen large-picture material package ($)

Flat style creative work desk ($11)

Plain material pictures ($)

Art equipment Scene ($)


In the near future, the first screen big picture will be one of the best and most visually appealing trends in web design. The beauty of this technique is that it can be paired with almost anything. Want to design a flat style, minimalist style, or retro style? Just use the big picture of the first screen.

Do you use the first screen big picture in the project? You can share it with us in the comments. We are happy to see the project you are working on.

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